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Astros 2023-2024 Offseason Outline

Updated: Jan 23


The ALCS ended last night, and the Astros offseason BEGINS TODAY. I just gave you some thoughts earlier.

THIS will be your key outline key to the entire Astros offseason. Please bookmark this link. Please share it with every Astros fan you know. This is how you can help this site grow and this fan base navigate what is going to be a very interesting offseason.


For all of the links below, new/ updated links will be in BOLD.

Newest Postings will be in BOLD and Underlined.

So, what will this offseason look like on the site? After the initial wave of moves, I will update these from last offseason.

  • The Astros Dynasty- Where does this dynasty rank among the best teams of the last 20-30 years? (Original to be updated)

  • How does the 2023 Astros compare to the Greatest Astros teams ever? (Original to be updated)

  • What is the Astros Payroll Situation NOW? (Link) - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this.

    • Read about the CBT here (Link)- good reference from last year

    • YouTube Video Link

    • High Level, this will be updated as moves are made

Let’s review the MLB off-season calendar. (These will link to the article that addresses that period of time in the off-season.)

  • Jim Crane meets with Baker and Brown- This Week

    • Official Dusty Retirement- 10/26

    • How The Astros Will Replace Dusty- Published 10/26/23- (LINK)

    • Six Reasons to Love Espada as the New Astros Manager (Link)

    • How do we grade Dana Brown as an Astros GM? (Link for the version we had about Click last year)

  • What do the Astros NEED to get Better?

  • World Series Ends- 11/1

    • This sets MOST of the timing of early offseason transactions.

  • General Managers Meetings. 11/7-11/9, Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Free Agents

    • Eligible Astros become Free Agents 11/2- Day after World Series ends

    • Astros Free Agents- Who Will Be Back- Publish 10/26/23 (LINK)

      • The End to the Astros Maldonado Era (Link)

    • Teams have exclusive rights to negotiate with their former players that are FA – 11/2-11/6- the five days after the World Series ends

    • Free Agents open to negotiate with all teams – 11/6- Fifth day after the World Series ends

    • Every team's Strengths and Weaknesses - (Link)

    • Who should the Astros pursue in Free Agency

    • Astros Minor League Free Agents- (Link)

    • Astros: No Remaining Position Player Free Agents Are Worth the Cost- (Link)

    • Why the Astros Won't Do an Ohtani Deal- (Link)

    • Upon Further Review the Astros Should Sign This Pitcher (Link)

    • Free Agent Signings

      • Astros: Welcome Victor Caratini (Link)

      • Astros: Victor Caratini- Bargain Free Agent (Link)

      • Astros sign Josh Hader!

        • Astros: Why I Love the Hader Deal- Part 1 (Link)

        • Astros: Why I Do Not Like the Hader Deal- Part 2 (Link)

  • Qualifying Offers- QO ($20.325M)

    • Team Deadline to make qualifying offers to team players departing for Free Agency- 11/6- Fifth Day after the World Series ends

    • Player Deadline to reject/accept qualifying offers – 11/14 4PM

    • Will Any Astros receive the Qualifying Offer?

  • Options must be Exercised- 11/6- Fifth Day after the World Series ends

    • Who has a Player Option? Neris did decline his option. This gives the Astros ~$7M (Astros pay $1M buyout) more to work with so I will target a total budget of $18-20M but they now probably need TWO RP.

    • Who has a Team Option? Neris option became player option and he declined

    • Does anyone have an Opt Out? No

  • Trades

  • Rule 5 Draft

    • Teams set their new 40-man rosters/ protect from Rule 5 draft – ~11/14 5PM CST

      • Astros: 2023 Rule 5 Draft- Protection List (Link) - updated with who the Astros actually added.

    • Rule 5 draft – 12/7 last day of Winter Meetings- Rule 5 Draft RESULTS (Link to last year)

  • Salary Arbitration

    • Who the Astros tendered Arbitration to for 2024? (LINK)

    • The Non-Tendered Fits for the Astros (LINK)

    • Non-Tender Deadline - 11/17 teams must offer by this date- for Pre-arb and Arb eligible players- if a player is not tendered or does not agree to a contract, they become a FA- at the deadline we will update the previous post with what the team actually did.

    • The deadline to agree to a contract before exchanging salary figures is 1/12/24.

    • Arbitration hearings will be held 1/29 to 2/16.

  • Winter Meetings – 12/4-12/7

    • Annual Business Meetings of the league

      • Astros: Good News on Whitley (Link)

    • Lots of Trades and Free Agent signings

    • MLB Draft Lottery- 12/5

    • Rule 5 Draft- 12/6

    • The Winter Meeting Priorities (LINK)

      • Astros: Welcome Victor Caratini (Link)

  • International signing period opens- 1/15

  • Pitchers and catchers report - ~2/12

  • Astros First spring training games – 2/24

  • Astros Opening Day – 3/28

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