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Astros: Will Meyers Really Start in CF?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

All offseason I have been trying to gauge where the Astros really were with their plans for this offseason.

Dana Brown said this this week.

Rome on Meyers

This was startling news for some.

While I would LIKE to get an OF to further improve the team. I did say this on 11/14:

"I am not sure the Astros will view the OF listed as worth the investment except for Rooker. For now, I will show the final plan without the OF addition because this aligns with Brown's statements as well."

So, what does all of this mean? Is Dana Brown serious about the Astros being willing to have Meyers play starter level plate appearances in 2023?

1. They know how well Meyers did when he played regularly. Consider this

Meyers by Month

When Meyers got starter level playing time in March/ April and May, he played average to above average at the plate. He hit a slump in June. Then his playing time really dropped and his performance was below average. It got even worse in September.

2. Dana firmly understands how constrained the payroll really is IF they intend to re-sign Altuve and/or Bregman

We wrote about the payroll constraints multiple times on this site.

3. He is also engaging in GM speak driving up Meyers value

At this website we have an overriding rule. Pay attention to what teams DO and NOT to what they SAY. Call this my Golden Rule.

I do not think Dana is lying. I think he is a good GM that is telling people that if they want to trade for Meyers, they are going to have to pay him as if he is a starter. He knows the constraints and will only make a trade if someone is willing to blow him away in a trade.

4. They also know the offense is going to have a massive improvement without Maldy and a year of normal Abreu.

Victor Caratini is being signed by the Astros (Read about that here) and the combination of Diaz and Caratini will make the catching position a plus for the Astros.

IF Abreu resumes to more like career norms, 1B is a plus.

Second base is still a plus.

Shortstop is an average offensive position.

Third Base is still a plus.

Left field with McCormick is a plus.

Right field is a plus.

If the Astros are THAT good at the rest of the positions and Meyers plays the plus plus defense he does, the Astros would be fine with his 91 wRC+ projected bat batting ninth.

What about OF depth?

Alvarez CAN play LF

Dubon can play all 3 OF positions

Julks can be a 5th corner OF

The minor leaguers may develop to help too.

Their OF depth is on par or better than most.

Will Meyers REALLY start in CF for the Astros? Probably unless Brown gets a deal he can't refuse or one of the prospects blows up.

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