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These Astros Should Be Tendered Salary Arbitration for 2024

Updated: Jan 12

In the offseason outline we highlighted Arbitration as a key step in the Astros offseason. Today is the day teams must tender (offer) salary arbitration to the arbitration eligible players.

Non-Tender Deadline for Pre-arb and Arb eligible players- if a player is not tendered they will become a free agent. Sometimes players will agree to a contract prior to this deadline.

So how does this impact the Astros? Which Astros should be offered Salary Arbitration in November? In another article we will look at the payroll implications of these decisions.

The pre-Arb players will essentially be given their salary for 2024 season. All Pre-arb players should be back. This includes.

Brandon Bielak

Jeremy Pena

Jake Meyers

Yainer Diaz

David Hensley

Hunter Brown

Seth Martinez

Jon Singleton

Ceasar Salazar

Grae Kessinger

Ronel Blanco

Bennett Sousa

Corey Julks

Shawn Dubin

Forrest Whitley (THIS one might be interesting)

Seth Martinez

Parker Mushinski

Matt Gage

Joel Kuhnel (not on MLB roster now so not eligible.)

Oliver Ortega

The following players require a decision regarding being offered arbitration. I have attached the number Roster Resource page projects as each's arbitration salary in 2024. I believe the roster resource folks get this data from the MLB Trade Rumors site and Matt Swartz’s arbitration projections.

Arb List

Teams must offer or tender Arbitration by 11/17 this year.

1/11/24 Note

The table above showed $35.4mil without Dubon.

According to Brian McTaggart this is what has been settled.

Abreu $1.75 mil.

Garcia $1.85 mil.

McCormick $2.85 mil.

Tucker $12 mil.

Urquidy $3.75 mil.

Valdez $12.1 mil.

That's $34.3 mil. They saved $1.1 from what I expected

Dubin will go to a hearing.

The ONLY reasons any of these would not be tendered arbitration is:

  1. They were traded before 11/17

  2. They agreed to a contract deal

The deadline to agree to a contract before exchanging salary figures for the arbitration hearing is 1/11/24.

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