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Astros: Trade Proposal with Phillies

This offseason we have provided a comprehensive plan for improving the Astros for 2024 season.

We specified a plan for next week for the Astros to implement that plan at the Winter Meetings. As mentioned there, the focus was on free agent signings.

Now let's start the fun of making trade proposals. I would love everyone to participate in this. Here is the one rule. You have to find a CREDIBLE source that says the team you want the Astros to trade with WANTS what you are proposing to trade. The article I posted last night and that I am updating this morning with this intro will be my first example.

If you want to make sure your trade is reasonable and fair, I like to use this site

"Based on conversations with Phillies officials, rival clubs and agents, it’s evident the Phillies have attempted to find creative solutions to address the outfield. They have two younger players — Brandon Marsh, 25, and Johan Rojas, 23 — who could fill starting spots. But the Phillies have varying levels of confidence in either one as an everyday player in 2024. In essence, they do not want to commit to 600 plate appearances each for Marsh or Rojas, but also do not want to eliminate the chance that one or both could thrive."

So, Let's Make a Deal Phillies. Here is my Astros trade proposal for the Phillies.

Jake Meyers projects to be better than Rojas. The Astros need a LHRP. The Phillies have three LHRP. How about the Astros trade for Matt Strahm? McKinley Moore is a prospect with 3.1 terrible MLB innings of experience but a good fastball and lack of control. Moore has two options.

I make this deal.

Astros Phillies Trade

The Phillies want an OF, I say the Astros give them one. IF Marsh and Rojas shines in Spring Training, Meyers is STILL valuable as a defensive fourth OF.

What do you think?

Who says no?

NOW, it is your turn. Post in comments below your Astros trade ideas citing the credible source that says the other team has what you want the Astros to trade. If you rather, post them to me on Twitter/ X, Facebook, Patreon, or any other forum, do that too. You know where to find me.

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