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Non-Tendered Fits for the Astros

Today we will explore the players who were non-tendered by their current teams and therefore became free agents and ask are any of these players a fit for the Astros needs.

In the comprehensive plan, we introduced Astros fans thoroughly into the realities of this off season with this. You might want to explore these links before circling back here.

"We have a professional GM now in the Astros Front Office- unlike last year at this time. Dana Brown is going to execute a strategy. Here is how we put together what we will now show as a comprehensive plan for improving the 2024 Astros. This is an example of what their strategy could be.

  1. We defined our financial limits understanding this team has huge extension and re-signing decisions to make. From our "Astros 2024-2025 Payroll Projection" article we concluded that the Astros had around $18-20M AAV TOTAL to spend on preferably one-year deals to stay under the CBT2 in 2024 and CBT3 in 2025,

  2. In our "A First Look At The 2024 Astros" we defined our primary team needs as these four areas:

    1. Backup catcher that would be an upgrade over Salazar or Berryhill (NOT Maldy- he would hurt this WAR)

    2. Good LHRP (with loss of Neris probably a second RP too)

    3. LHSP that can pitch at least 100 IP

    4. Starting LHH OF that is strong vs. RHP- if payroll space is available"

Let me say this to set expectations before we get into this. All of these players were set free from team control. The teams did NOT want to arbitrate a salary for them. Many have injury issues. Many have performance issues. If we find ANY gold- no ANY silver- it would be because we are chosen to take a risk. With that being said, let's see what we can find.

I was able to pull a list of 63 players who were non-tendered. I have described the tender process in other articles including the off-season outline.

"Non-Tender Deadline - 11/17 teams must offer by this date- for Pre-arb and Arb eligible players- if a player is not tendered or does not agree to a contract, they become a FA..."

Of the 63 non-tendered players, five are eliminated due to their age or position. After detailing through the list and eliminating those that don't even approach the performance standards we have previously set, I am left with a small list of seven position players and six pitchers.

Position Player Non-Tendered Players


The three catchers here are risk/ reward options. Frankly, I don't like any of the three as much as I do Caratini for the Astros. Knizner is the best batter of the 3 here and the worst defender. Nola has had the best career, but he had a TERRIBLE year last year. Is he done at 34? Maybe. Some might argue that Stallings is worse than Maldy overall. We he would be cheaper, his career stats are better, and his projections are better (all three are vs. Maldy.)

All three catchers here MIGHT be OK for a backup catcher.

If the threshold for getting any of the OFs here is being better than Meyers, I am NOT sure any of the four OFs here meet that.

Meadows has been out most of the last two season with anxiety issues and this led him to be non-tendered. I am not sure where Meadows is medically. He has more important things than baseball to focus upon.

Kyle Lewis is PROBABLY an option for a limited fielding option who has had knee issues. The medicals here would be critically important and the cost critical. I am NOT sure the Astros need to take the risk on Lewis. It is another option. Maybe a late February add is the answer here.

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Pitcher Non-Tendered Players


The Pitching options are possibly even more limited than the position players. My heavy preference is to get a LHP for a RP and for a SP.

Nick Pivetta (RHSP) as a trade option and Wade Miley (LHSP) as a FA are much less of a risk than Allard here who spent a lot of 2023 with a throwing shoulder nerve issue. Allard is an option to take a risk on a still young pitcher. He is better than his career numbers so far.

Staumont (RHRP) possibly is an option but then there is this from CBS Sports:

"Staumont was designated for assignment by Kansas City on Tuesday and will now officially head into free agency. The 29-year-old reliever underwent surgery this past July for thoracic outlet syndrome and it's unclear when he might be able to return to a mound."

Brett Martin is my choice here if his shoulder is OK. Martin is probably on par as a risk as Diekman and/or Alexander. Getting a LHRP is probably going to take making a risky move.

So there you have it. Sixty-three non-tendered players and I bring your focus to just a few all with injury or performance risks.

- Stallings, Nola, or Knizner possibilities at backup catcher

- Lewis MAYBE late if the price is low low low

- Alard maybe later too if he looks good in throwing sessions

- Martin a LHRP high risk, medium reward option like most of his peers in the RP market

They were non-tendered for a reason. Under the RIGHT circumstances I could see these players as a fit for the Astros needs. Maybe.

This is not a ringing endorsement for these options.


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