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Astros Offseason Begins Today


The ALCS ended last night, and the Astros offseason BEGINS TODAY.

Today you will get our key outline key (THE LINK) to the entire Astros offseason. Please bookmark this link. Please share it with every Astros fan you know. This is how you can help this site grow and this fan base navigate what is going to be a very interesting offseason.

Before I go any further, let me say this. I believe that this site and my analysis are even MORE valuable in the offseason than during the regular season. Why?

- Because I think we have consistently helped this fan base understand what is and is not likely to be done.

- We have consistently showed WHY the Astros are making the moves they make.

- Perhaps most importantly, we have helped those who have read the content here be more aware of what the next season is most likely to be like for Astros fans.

I like to say THIS IS MY SEASON.

For example, I projected the 2023 Astros would:

- Win 92 games - they won 90

- That their division rivals would be better and make the season more of a challenge and that the division race would be close- it was a tie

- Would win the division by 4-8 games- they did by a tie breaker

- The Astros would lose the ALCS- they did

These predictions were NOT popular when I made them. People argued with me about my methods and told me I was too negative. I will stick with how I have been doing this predictive analysis for over 5 years.

I am not trying to say I told you so. I am trying to illustrate to you that THIS is the place you can count on for an objective analysis of what is happening with our Astros and what it will mean.

I also used the word "we" several times previously. By the nature of what I have done last offseason and what I intend to do even more this offseason, WE will have more conversations. If folks want to provide their thoughts and want a place to do it contact me.

I am going to have regular Patreon member meetings this offseason. These will be exclusive to them. I am going to have more Twitter Space sessions for Q&As. These will help me give you the content you want.

So, what will this offseason look like on the site? Stay with me and find out here. More today.

Support the Site

Do you want to support this site? Do you want to make sure you continue to get real analysis like this?

It takes time and it does cost money, I really would appreciate your support of the work. Here is your opportunity to do that at a nominal cost. This support will help me continue to provide you what I do- objective analysis of your teams. It will also help the site improve and expand our reach.

If you don't think our work is worthy of financial support, I will accept your non-action feedback humbly.

The details are available at It is VERY easy to sign up.

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