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How Great is the Astros Dynasty?

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

I have saved this for you Astros fans because I wanted to use this to help you get fully pumped for the 2023 Astros season,

Today, we answer the question

How Great IS the Astros Dynasty?

Let me first give you MY definition of a baseball dynasty.


  • Minimum Five Years

  • Minimum Two Championships (maybe an exception if in PS for more than 10 years with multiple WS appearances)

  • Starts with first year in LCS

  • Ends with three years not in the LCS

  • OR End with two years not in the postseason (for years prior to 1969- there was no LCS - three years not in postseason)

Do you think this is a fair definition of an MLB dynasty?

I show how this would apply to the Yankees in 1995-2007. The "Dynasty" would be 1996-2004. This tends to be how many people think of that period.

Let's look at all of the MLB champions since 2000.

By the definition above only the bottom four and the current Dodgers would qualify as true dynasties. I think this is fair.

I believe a very simple scoring system best evaluates which is the best dynasty:

  • 1 point- winning LDS and losing the LCS

  • 2 points- winning LCS and/ or losing the WS (for teams prior to 1969)

  • 4 points- winning WS

How do these dynasties compare with this scoring system?

The turn of the century Yankees are the top dynasty here.


Technically their dynasty championships came in 2000 and before which by definition is ACTUALLY the 20th century.



No wonder they hate us. You may be unimpressed or think I knew that.

But Larry, you promised us "How Great IS the Astros Dynasty?" Not just in the 21st century. How great is it overall?

You know I got you.

Here is how your Astros rank vs. all of the major historical baseball dynasties.

They are tied for seventh in all time. This is in over 113 years of dynasty teams. Your Astros have not only been great, but they have been HISTORICALLY GREAT.

I don't think they are done. What if this team in the next three to five years won one more World Series, lost another WS after winning an ALCS, and lost an ALCS? Is that too much to dream for? If they did that this team would be tied with the third place Yankees on this list.

We keep saying THIS is the golden era of baseball in Houston. One of the reasons I am so hard on this team is I want even more for them. I want to them to be among those GREAT Yankees teams. I want movies about them too. I want it all for you Astros fans.

I have told you many times that you are going to tell your grandkids about this era of Astros baseball. Now you have further proof why.

Tell me what you think. The Astros play baseball tomorrow. It’s time. Are you #Ready2Reign?

You may wonder how the Astros dynasty era teams compare

Click this

and how the Astros dynasty era teams compare with the other all-time great Astros teams.

Click this

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Wesley Morehead
Wesley Morehead
24 ก.พ. 2566

That one was fun. Like you I am greedy and want a lot more! I like us being hated like I hated Reds and Yankees back in the day.

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