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Astros 2022-2023 Off-season Outline

Updated: Dec 10, 2022


Our Astros just won the WORLD SERIES! Enjoy the parade tomorrow. Here at LarryTheGM I am going to work again TODAY after an exhausting World Series coverage here and on the YouTube Channel. By this day last year I had published the off-season guide. The season ran two days later this year, I am going to take a more step-by-step article approach over the next two weeks.

Consider THIS to be the outline and your go to spot to access everything. Book mark it and share it please. If you are a member of the site that is really all I ask of you- to share the most important of our content. THIS is the most important thing for you to share as we progress through the off-season.

I will push out a video in the morning on this article and the week ahead on the YouTube Channel covering this week. Watch here as we talk about this.

There will be some articles that set the stage

  • The Astros Dynasty- Where does this dynasty rank among the best teams of the last 20-30 years?

  • Is the 2022 Astros the Greatest Astros team ever?

  • What is next for this Astros Dynasty?- Who are the key players that can help this team in the next three years to stay on top

  • What is the Astros Payroll Situation NOW? (Link)

    • How the Astros manage payroll while bringing back key players and what room does it leave for addressing one or two challenge spots.

    • Read about the CBT here (Link)

    • High Level, this will be updated as moves are made

    • The Astros Looming Payroll Armageddon (Link)

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Let’s review the MLB off-season calendar. (These will link to the article that addresses that period of time. in the off-season. )

  • Jim Crane meets with Baker and Click - 11/7- Who is back and what it means- 11/8

    • Is Dusty a Good Manager?- 9/22- (Link)

    • How do we grade James Click as an Astros GM? (Link)

    • What will James Click do? (Link)

    • Who the Astros hired as the next GM and what it means

  • These Astros became Free Agents – 11/6- Who do we think will be back (Link)

    • The Astros Sign Montero (Link)

    • Should the Astros bring back Yuli? (Link)

    • Why Don't The Astros Just Sign Vazquez? (Link)

  • Teams have exclusive rights to negotiate with their former players that are FA – 11/6-11/10

  • General Managers Meetings. 11/7-11/10

    • Chandler Rome reported Click was indeed in Las Vegas today for the GM meetings. So at least he is acting like the Astros GM.

    • As of 11/13 Jon Morosi reported on Twitter "Bill Firkus, the #Astros senior director of baseball strategy during the 2022 season, is now the point person for the club's free-agent discussions following the departure of James Click." Not sure who makes the roster decisions and trade decisions,

  • Team Deadline to make qualifying offers- QO (19.65MM)- 11/10- No Astros were given QOs

  • Free Agents open to negotiate with all teams – 11/10

    • Team Need Assessment and Internal Options (Link)

    • External FA Scenarios (Link)

      • FA Deal Decisions can put the Astros in the Payroll Armageddon (Link)

      • Astros Sign Abreu! (Link)

      • Why Don't The Astros Just Sign Vazquez? (Link)

    • Minor League Free Agents – 11/10 (Link)

  • Teams set their new 40-man rosters/ protect from Rule 5 draft – 11/15 Updated (Link)

  • Deadline to reject/accept qualifying offers – 11/15- QOs to watch

  • Non-Tender Deadline - 11/18- for Pre-arb and Arb eligible players- if a player is not tendered or does not agree to a contract, they become a FA (Link)

  • Teams execute trades to improve the team - at any time in the off-season

    • I suggested a trade involving mainly Rule 5 bubble players (11/15) (Link)

    • My Trade Ideas (Link)

    • Reader Trade Ideas (Link)

    • Bryan Reynolds Rumors (Link)

    • It's Been Catcher week

      • Astros are shopping for Catchers (Link)

      • Possible Sean Murphy Deals - Which Would you Do (Link)

      • The Best Catcher Available- Jansen (Link)

      • Why Don't The Astros Just Sign Vazquez? (Link)

  • Winter Meetings – 12/5-12/8

    • The Winter Meeting Priorities (Link)

  • Rule 5 draft – 12/7- Rule 5 Draft RESULTS (Link)

  • Arbitration numbers exchanged – 1/13

  • International signing period opens- 1/15

  • Arbitration Hearings – 1/30-2/17

  • Pitchers and catchers report - ~2/13

  • Astros First spring training games – 2/25

  • Astros Opening Day – 3/30

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