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The Astros Looming Payroll Armageddon

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Clint and I got together to discuss the looming Astros Payroll Armageddon that no one else is really discussing in detail with you. The decisions made now will have impact for years.

This is a different post. The video is really the post and the tables below are to show you what we are discussing in the video,

12/2 Update- Where the Astros are RIGHT NOW in Payroll.

Here is where they would likely be with Contreras and Brantley.

A $295M payroll in 2025 WILL not happen. Period.

Astros Payroll Over Next Few Years- Verlander/ Bell/ Benintendi- This scenario leads to a massive CBT tax penalty in 2025.

Astros Payroll Over Next Few Years- Bell/ Benintendi/ NO Verlander- This scenario provides more flexibility in 2024- 2026

Astros Payroll Over Next Few Years- Verlander/ NO Bell/ NO Benintendi- This scenario does not address 1B or OF opportunities for 2023-2024

Astros Payroll Over Next Few Years- Bell/ Benintendi/ NO Verlander/ Extend Tucker AND Javier- This plan is likely workable AND extends Tucker AND Javier- One year of CBT penalties- This table is not in the video but shows what we discussed about extending Tucker and I added extending Javier before 2025.

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