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Quick Post - Astros Rule 5 Trade Suggestion - NOW

As you saw in the Rule 5 article there were several Astros players that have been highly regarded that are now on the fringe.

Here is a trade I make RIGHT NOW if I am the Astros

Call the Reds

Ask for Jake Fraley - LHH OF- Trade Value 6.3- HIGH trade likelihood according to

Offer Reds their pick of 3 of these (only 2 IF)

and give them Joe Perez - Trade Value 3.0

THIS is a fair deal and Astros can protect one more player in Perez's spot.

Why the Astros Should make a deal like this?

The Astros have a group of players on the Rule 5 bubble that have value to other less competitive teams. It is probably NOT this exactly group that I showed in the Rule 5 article. Whatever group it is many of them have 0.5 to 1.5 trade value each. Today is the day to get value you for them. Perez is blocked. He has value too. Instead of keeping him on our 40-man roster blocked, group him with a few of these bubble guys to get at least a player that could be a fourth OF for this team. Fraley has options if he can't make the opening day active roster.

Essentially it becomes a 4 roster spot for one roster spot deal.

Why should the Reds make this deal?

The Reds would have to evaluate if any of these bubble guys are worth adding over the Rule 5 options they have. If so this could be a win win for both teams. Perez could help them THIS year.

Is there a better deal with a different team?

Maybe but THIS is the kind of deal I want today.

This is what I would be doing RIGHT NOW.

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