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Astros- Let's Make a Deal? Reader Deals

First, I am aware there are rumors out there that indicate that the Astros MAY have a big Free Agent signing. When that happens, we will cover that. Look for multiple posts today and videos.

As I have said multiple times. It's the off season - we got you.

I asked my subscribers as I wrote my trade article to submit their ideas. So here are your ideas. I also added my two trades for comparison. In general these ideas are WAY BETTER than most on social media but thats no surprise. This is the place for the smart fans! Love you all.

I added two columns to the right to evaluate the viability of such a deal and the potential impact.

Overall, these are some really good targets. I will say a few of the deals are WAY OFF as far as a match in trade values (as published by

Without deep diving into every deal, here are a few thoughts on the deals that are viable

- I really like Brian's Carlson deal but as he told me in his submission, the Cards may not be willing to trade now. Would the Astros really trade Garcia? it's fair but both teams say no?

- A lot of trades for 1B- Walker, Diaz, Tellez. Both of these would be better than paying for Abreu but it is what it is. Wes's deal will need to be fixed to get it close to fair value. I don't

know if Milwaukee is selling.

- Building on that- I don't think there is ANY way the Astros trade for Yelich and his contract. I would be very concerned about his back. Read this.

So I decided to "fix" a few of these deals. I don't think you guys will like what it would take to actually make those deals work but here is an idea.

I don't think the Astros

- trade Garcia for Murphy

- trade Abreu and Meyers for Diaz

They are a match value wise.

It looks like the Abreu rumors are true so we will address the impact on performance and financially of that today.

For those of accessing the site via mobile device, you may have a better experience now and also on the "Spaces by Wix" app. Let me know if this helps!

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I will add the Astros Trade tables again. Who are you willing to trade for using these values to match.

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Intrigued by the Berti idea. I don't know how to parse his defensive stats, but his speed could be useful with the new rules.

Replying to

The steals are super intriguing

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