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Would the Cubs and Astros Make This Trade?

In November, I put together ideas how to improve the Astros lineup and pitching staff. The position player improvements were here.

"Tauchman is my below the radar trade option that I think would work for both teams.  If the Cubs sign multiple FAs, they may be willing to shed the first year Arb Tauchman that has a high variability of performance."

That was November and now it is February. Something BIG occurred last week- the Cubs have agreed to terms with Cody Bellinger.  

The Cubs now have FOUR left-handed hitting outfielders with these projected playing times- Happ, Bellinger, Crow-Armstrong, and Tauchman.

Cubs OF

As shown with the signing of Bellinger there is not a ton of outfield playing time for Tauchman. The Cubs also signed two experienced 1B to minor league deals last week - Dominic Smith and Garrett Cooper. That means that there is not likely a ton of PT available for Bellinger at 1B.

The Cubs #1 Prospect - Pete Crow-Armstrong is ready and Tauchman is essentially taking playing time from him.

I am trying to tell you that THIS is the scenario I was projecting back in November. The Cubs have reasons to trade Tauchman.

The question now is ....

Would the Astros have interest in trading for Tauchman?

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Tauchman projects to a 96 wRC+ this year compared to Meyer's 91. That may not be a huge difference.

My answer in November was yes and it still is. Here is why. He would be a great platoon partner for Meyers.

You should say, "Wait, you were the guy that wrote Meyers would be better with consistent playing time."

Yes, I did. That very well may be the path the Astros choose. It is what Dana indicated early in the offseason.

Later, Dana said this.

However, if the Astros could add another LHB to bat 7th or 8th, it would help the lineup. Tauchman would be a significant upgrade vs. RHP over Meyers. Tauchman fits the description Dana gave.

What would a trade take?

According to my go to website for such things Baseball Trade Values: Accurate Player Trade Values: Trade Simulator, Tauchman has a 4.9 trade value. He is 33 years old and under contract through the 2026 season. I will say this, monitor Dominic Smith, Garrett Cooper, and Pete Crow-Armstrong. If they are having great springs, the Cubs will be even MORE motivated to trade Tauchman. If Meyers struggles this spring, the Astros could be more motivated to trade for help in the OF.

At 4.9 trade value, here is the group of players one could pair up and possibly get a deal. The Cubs would likely want pitching help.

Astros trade chips

Would trading two of those guys for a 33-yr-old OF be worth it? I can argue it both ways.

Would the Cubs and Astros Make This Trade for Mike Tauchman? Time will tell.


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If you aren't familiar with Mike Tauchman. Watch THIS.

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