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New Premium and MoneyMaker Content Plans

Updated: May 20

This site has consistently brought high quality content completely FREE to everyone in the world.

We set up a Patreon page to allow folks to support the site and get early access to articles there. The Patrons will always get articles first. I am truly thankful for that group that are choosing to support this site.

With almost every article for nine months I have consistently requested support. The customer is always right, and I have gotten very little help. It is clear that most do not value the work I produce. I humbly accept their feedback.

I was told some did not want to donate to Patreon or could not afford to at $5/month. I added a PayPal option for donations, and NO ONE has donated there. Again, I humbly accept the feedback.

Yesterday, I ran an experiment. I had produced a good and fair positive analysis of the Josh Hader signing. I asked that SOMEONE signup for Patreon; and when they did, I would unlock the article so that EVERYONE could read it like the Patron had it on their site. NO ONE was willing to become a Patron. Again, I humbly accept the feedback.

Going forward, I will be changing things at the site not because I want to, but because I need to. At the top of the home page for the site you will see options for you to subscribe at three different levels.

Basic Content- Over half of what I produce will be available to basic content subscribers. The basic level WILL BE FREE.

Premium Content- I believe some of my work deserves a greater reward than I have been getting. Some articles will be deemed premium content- often because they will require extra work or effort. You can disagree and the basic content will be available to you. The Premium content level will cost $5/month.

Premium Content Will Include:

  • Detailed Astros Trade and Free Agent signings analysis - both good and bad

  • Astros Premium Series matchups ahead of the series.

  • An updated Longhorns Depth Chart with my Recruit/ Development ranking scores

MoneyMaker Content- Last season we produced very detailed match up guides which proved to be money making content for those that applied the recommendations. The MoneyMaker content level will cost $20/month.

Legally I should say. I cannot guarantee future results of this content, but I WILL work to make you money.

MoneyMaker Content Will Include:

  • Daily Astros matchups with xwOBA content and daily recommendations. Videos will be provided. These have been the money makers before.

  • Content REQUESTED by the MoneyMakers

PLEASE Subscribe to the LarryTheGM Smart fans Premium and MoneyMaker content plans today.

For those who want to support at Pay Pal or Patreon, those opportunities still exist.

There are now three opportunities for you to support the website in 2024.

I give you the full url link, so you know this is not some scam link. It is legit. PLEASE help this site grow.

Again, you can also access the Premium and MoneyMaker Content on the Patreon site. The levels there will match the levels here.


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