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LarryTheGM- The Place for Smart Baseball Fans This MLB Season

Updated: Feb 18

Spring Training is Here! You will soon see why LarryTheGM will be the place for Smart Baseball Fans this MLB season.

MLB Preview Data

First, I want to invite you to check out the MLB league data here.

MLB Data

All of the Essential Team Season Previews build off of data that is presented in the "MLB League Season Preview Data."

Click the link above or the picture to the left.

Next, I wanted to lay out the plan for the three different level of data that will be made available here this baseball season.

  1. Essential Team Previews- Free to Everyone

  2. Premium Series Guides- Premium site members and Patreon members only

  3. MoneyMakers Daily Matchup Best Bets- MoneyMaker members on the site and Patreon only

Essential Team Previews


First, At LarryTheGM we will get you ready as we preview all thirty MLB teams. Please use the MLB 2024 Spring Training and Season Preview Index to access all of the team season previews indexed for you all in one spot. These previews will start dropping VERY soon!

Access all of the articles discussed here at the link above or click on the picture.

Shoutout to for providing the data behind our essential previews.

Here is what I am planning for content for the essential season previews. The info here will make you a smarter fan about all of the MLB teams.

  1. Batters

    1. Projected Lineup

    2. Bench

    3. Key Minor League Players

    4. Players on IL

    5. Critical Stats

    6. Player Grades

    7. Team Hitting Grades

  2. Pitchers

    1. Starters

    2. Relievers

    3. Key Minor League Players

    4. Players on IL

    5. Critical Stats

    6. Player Grades

    7. Team Pitching Grades

  3. Season Projection Data

    1. Projected team strengths and weaknesses

    2. Prospects that may contribute this season

    3. Payroll Flexibility

    4. Season projection

Shoutout to for providing the data behind our essential previews.

Series Premium Guides

If you have followed the site, you know we kick it up a notch for the post season. This year Premium members on the site and the Patron members will get the VIP treatment all year.

Our Series Premium Guides before each series will include updates to the data shown in the essentials previews and pitching and batting tables with added hybrid 2023-2024 xwOBA data.

If you want to understand the game at a deeper level the Series Premium Matchup Supplements will be worth the $5/month premium subscription.

Periodically, I will make the Series Premium Guides available to everyone so you can see the value of LarryTheGM for the super fan.

MoneyMaker Daily Matchup Best Bets

The MoneyMakers are the smartest ones. Whether they are MoneyMakers on the Site or on Patreon, THESE folks will get the exclusive matchup data that some used last year to make money. Yes, the $20/month is an investment for folks.

Daily we will lay out which Astros hitter should do best vs. the starting pitcher. We will also look at how the Astros starting pitcher should do against the opposing lineup that day.

If you want better data than the sharks in the sports books have, this is your level. We will track our results.

Thank you to Baseball Savant for the advanced data in our premium and MoneyMaker content.

It is my favorite time of the year. Whatever level you choose, join me in getting ready for the 2024 MLB season. Get ready now for the essential team previews next.

You can see what we plan to be doing here in the next month. Maybe you don't see is that I NEED your support to make it happen. The work I do is not easy because I strive to give you good content. To do that I need more support.

Support the Site

There are now three opportunities for you to support the website in 2024.

I give you the full url link, so you know this is not some scam link. It is legit. PLEASE help this site grow.

If you want the content that is planned, PLEASE step up and help the site.  If you don't care, then don't. Now let's get back to it.


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