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Astros STILL Want an Outfielder?

Brian McTaggart tweeted the following yesterday.


Dana Brown on maybe adding a LH bat: "If we could somehow get a left-handed bat, preferably an outfielder with some speed, that type of package we'll pounce on it. Make no mistake, our club is really good."

My longstanding practice is to pay attention to what teams DO and not necessarily what they say. Let's put that principle to the side for a minute.

Who COULD Dana Brown really have in mind? Who could the Astros really want as an option to add to the outfield? Let's go into my Dana Brown Translator.

Let's breakdown what Dana said and frame it as a filter for our search.

  1. Left Handed Hitter

  2. Outfielder

  3. Some Speed- projected SB 7 or more

  4. "Pounce on it"- assume that means he is a Free Agent

  5. "Club is really good"- does not NEED to be a starter

  6. "Club is really good"- they are not spending a lot on this player

I will add two more he did not say

  1. Probably willing to sign for one year.

  2. Projected WAR >0.5

So, I went to the Fangraphs free agent table and generated a list of LHH OF free agents. When I apply the filters, I have TWO players.

Best Options

I could honestly see either of these. Both would probably be better than Julks or Kessinger for the last position player spot.

We will see if anything happens here.

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