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Astros: Cease AND Robert Trade?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Today, Twitter and Sports Radio was filled with a rumor and an Astros trade for BOTH Cease and Robert from the White Sox.

What is a REAL ASTROS DEAL for Cease and Robert?

Astros Fans,

You have to make a choice. Do you want to trust the guy that told you the Astros SHOULD do these three things last year:

  1. Trade for a top catcher- I did not specifically list Vazquez because I don't think he became available until the last 48 hours before the trade deadline.

  2. Trade for a first baseman with this SPECIFIC STATEMENT - "If it were up to me, I would trade for Mancini." (June 9th, 2022)

  3. Trade for a LHRP

ICYMI, that is exactly what the Astros did.

Folks, just like this year I laid out specific reasonably priced deals this year that the Astros could do without destroying their farm system.

Meanwhile, the same people who pushed this rumor at you today swore to you a Bryan Reynolds and other outlandish trades were EMINENT.

Folks, I don't claim sources. IF the Astros pull off the greatest trade steal of the history of baseball, I will be here to report just how wild it is that it happened, and that Dana Brown is the greatest MLB GM in the history of the sport.

Until then, let me show you- based on the last refresh of the website (the tool I have used for years)- what a Cease AND Robert deal could cost the Astros. Fair?

The tool will not ALLOW me to add more players to the deal because

As it is If the Astros trade all of these players for two plus years of Cease and his 4.18 ERA/ 3.77 FIP and four plus years of Robert for TWENTY-FOUR YEARS plus the rest of this season of current and future Astros starters, I will be writing my harshest article ever about the Astros. I will go on YouTube and rant for an hour. I will filibuster all night on Twitter Spaces.

Ask yourself are Robert and Cease worth Tucker AND Pena AND McCormick AND Gilbert AND Clifford AND Luis Garcia.

Folks, the deal above is NOT happening, and THAT deal is not enough.

There are options that are a fraction of Cease's cost. A Robert deal that looked like this does not meet the value.

I would not do that deal. Would you?

What if the REAL Robert deal was this?

THAT is the real conversation. That is the most likely deal I can give you for Luis Robert.

Again, you have to decide who/what you are going to listen to and read this month. Choose wisely.

Use the resources I have given you to evaluate any rumor. I will do my best to give you REAL options.

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