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Wild Astros Trade Ideas

I find most Twitter and Facebook trades hilarious. They are always so lopsided normally in the Astros favor that one just has to laugh.

I KNOW Astros fans are frustrated. I KNOW you want to do SOMETHING. Let me give you some wild trades that are actually realistic or at least fair.

First, let me say I don't hate ANY of the players I will propose for the Astros to trade in these deals. Honestly, it is quite the opposite. I want them to be free to play and be valued.

I have said before but let me repeat that I always check my trades on the Trades » Baseball Trade Values website to make sure at some independent folks THINK this is about equal value.

Here are MY trade goals:

  1. Mitigate the negative impact of Abreu by trading for a LH 1B option. Of course, one can't count on Dusty to play anyone else than Abreu. Not my fault.

  2. Force Dusty to play someone else at catcher. Yes, I am going to Moneyball Dusty at Catcher. Maldy will be traded.

  3. Get at least one postseason quality SP.

  4. Get one postseason quality LHRP.

Some of these trades can't happen until the trade partner fades out of the postseason picture.

Warning- you are going to hate at least one of these deals. Some of you will hate them all. I am writing this to show wild possibilities and not real viability. Relax, I think there may be only a couple of these that COULD happen. I would do many of them.


Wild Trade #1

I TOLD you to play Yainer Diaz more Dusty. You can't play Maldy tonight. He is traded to Arizona.

If there are five people in the world that love Maldy more than anyone else, Brent Strom is one of them. Even IF Arizona is in the postseason race still, I convince them to swap catchers and give me a potential future 3B/ 2B.

Carson Kelly has been out with a fractured forearm, but he is taking BP now. I say we get him before everyone remembers how good he can be.

Goal #2 complete

Wild Trade #2

You just thought that trade was wild. How about THIS?

The Royals have a couple of young 1B/DH types that are LH. They have an interesting young LHSP that in the least could eat innings. They have a hall of fame LHRP that is having a renaissance year.

Let's get all of the above and free Chas McCormick to go to a team who will love him and play him every day. Let's throw in some longshot prospects to make it interesting for the Royals.

I know you hate the idea of Chapman here. I hate the idea of Montero in the eighth all year.

Pratto could platoon with Abreu and mitigate that issue at least until Abreu is Abreu (IF?) again.

Lynch is probably a #4/#5 SP but I would not mind him being in the rotation. He is taking rehab starts right now.

We just addressed Goal #1 and #4. We might get lucky with #3 even.

Wild Trade #3

Readers of the site know who I am trading for next.

We just need for the Giants to hist a losing streak and decide they want to save $3-6M dollars this year.

If the Giants are out, Wood WILL be traded. Why not us? He is a rental with negative trade value. Pay his contract. Get him cheap.

This addresses goal #3.

Wild Trade #4

If you hated trade #1, here is another way to use Leon as a trade chip.

Let's do better than Lynch and Wood. Let's go get the Cardinals #2/#3.

Montgomery would be an ideal asset to have for the post season but the trade price just skyrocketed.

Wild Trade #5

Willing to pay even more for a SP? How about this one?

Would anyone trade for a rental in Giolito with over fifteen years of control? Is 3 months of Giolito worth 2 plus this year of Urquidy? I don't know. I know people what Giolito, so this is an example of the cost.

Wild Trade #6

What if we used the trade #2 assets to get a better SP that wasn't a rental like deals #3, #4, and #5? Hold my beer.

Would Miami trade Luzardo and Scott? I doubt it. Maybe if they cratered and/ or they realized McCormick is a big upgrade from Garcia. Ex- Astros seem to flourish in the state of Florida.

So, there are a bunch of ideas how to get that last SP for the postseason.

Jim Crane is impatient with all of these options. Give me one deal that does it all.

Wild Trade #7- The Grand Finale (cue fireworks in your mind)

Someone make Arizona desperate for an OF and veteran catcher experience. Make them want a utility guy and an upside prospect. Then we have a deal.

This one trade does almost everything Jim. Forget Abreu. I got you CHRISTIAN WALKER. Merrill Kelly is our additional postseason starter. Carson Kelly will be his personal catcher and add another SP to pair him with. Kennedy is our younger future version of Hensley that can flex positions behind Dubon. The bullpen is good enough.

I got you Jim. All you have to do is get the Arizona Diamondbacks to suck. Oh well, we can't always get what we want.

OK, which trade did you like the most? Which trade did you hate the most? Which was most ridiculous?

I hope this helped you see how challenging putting together a trade to help the Astros will be.

An Opportunity

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Great exercise. I like #7 a lot but don’t see Arizona trading Walker while in the hunt for a playoff berth. I like #6 due to getting some lefties although don’t know those two. I also think #3 would be an ok risk/reward deal. Fun.

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