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What I am Thankful For

Thanksgiving has always been an important holiday for me. It is a time for reflection. This year has been a year of MASSIVE change in my life. Let me roll back the curtain to all who care enough to read this.

  1. I retired 12/31/2021. I worked 33 years in the chemical industry as an engineer. This has been a huge and honestly sometimes difficult transition for me. This has also allowed me to devote more of my time to this site once massive change two occurred.

  2. We moved in 04/2022 to San Antonio. Yes, this meant we left the greater Houston area and started a new life in many ways here. We are generally settled in and love it here.

There have been other smaller changes, but I think the key for me is that I am very thankful for my wife and family who love me.

I know I don't say it often enough, but I am thankful for you all too that have subscribed to this site and/or the YouTube channel. I struggle with self doubt if any of this is actually helping anyone or if it is a big waste of time. Thank you for those that have encouraged me this year.

I am also thankful for ClintTheScout who writes and also helps with far more than any of you all will ever know. He is my right hand man here.

We have grown so much from our start in August of 2021. Please stay with us even when I am salty and the ornery old man. I commit to you to bring content and analysis that you will not find most places. I ask for your forgiveness when I fail you personally or in fulfilling that mission.

Please enjoy your family and those you love this week.

Oh, and as Astros fans we are thankful we got to experience a great ride to the World Series Championship. We will do out part to try to help make that happen again.

Thank You,


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