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Texas Longhorns 2024 Recruiting Class Analysis

Updated: Feb 13

Executive Summary

The 2024 Texas Recruiting Class fits perfectly with the portal class to provide depth in 2024 and projectible starters in the future. I will give you my slant, but it may help for you to level set with some of the recruiting experts have said.

Hank South did a great job of grading the recruiting class here, so that is not what my focus is going to be.

The YouTube Channel for 247Sports also did this breakdown.

Adam Gorney did a similar ranking of the Texas Class withing the Big 12 (for the last time!) for Rivals.

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Now let's continue.

What I would like to do today is give you my brief analysis of who is in the 2024 Texas Longhorns Recruiting Class and what I would expect:

  1. Their role in 2024 to be

  2. Whether or not they will get into the rotation for snaps in 2024

  3. The year they would likely be starting or at least in a competition to start.

I did this analysis now with the benefit of understanding the adjusted rating progress of the rest of the roster. You may want to review the Texas Longhorns Roster Index ( to see some of the previous roster analysis done here.

2024 Texas Recruiting Class

Texas is a far deeper team today than they were even a year ago. We need to monitor how the incoming early enrollees (all of the non-purple) are doing in spring practices. We will adjust these expectations from those reports.

The players in the 2024 class are likely to be in the snap rotation are Simmons (who might be starting by the end of the year), Wingo, Filsaime, Black, and Kern (the punter. Gibson might surprise at RB, but I expect the competition to be too stiff this year. Washington might stun people by jumping over Helm in the depth chart.

I would expect the four top rated recruits in blue to get 80% plus of the freshman snaps.

The 2024 class has one other important aspect- balance.


Texas added a player at every offensive and defensive position. Texas added a swarm of players at WR and DB where their experience and numbers were low.

Is this playing time expectation reasonable for the 2024 class? Let's look at the 2023 class and their playing time for clues.

The following table shows the snaps for the 2023 Recruiting Class which was possibly incrementally better than the current class.

2023 Recruiting Class

These are only the snaps for offense and defense. A few of these players played on the special teams. Players in the darker green were red shirted. You can see that the very top recruits were the ones that got playing time.

Three of the four 5-star prospects got over 100 snaps. Arch Manning was the only one that didn't. Half of the four high-4-stars got near half of the playing time. Therefore, the five prospects were at least high-4-star recruits.

This is probably a good picture of what is reasonable for the 2024 prospects.

If one puts it all together, the Texas Longhorns 2024 Class is a top 5 combined recruiting and transfer class. The recruits add critical depth and future starters to an already strong Texas roster across the board positionally. A few of the top players in the class should be making a real impact before the season is over.


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In case you missed it, this is what I said about the Texas Transfer Portal:

Before you go listen to what Sark had to say on National Signing Day.

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