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Chas McCormick COULD Have Been the Astros MVP

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The title says it all. IF Chas McCormick had not gotten hurt and was not relegated to a time share starting role in the outfield, he COULD be in a position to be the Astros team offensive MVP at this point.

Right now, you are thinking, Larry, you have lost it. Well, let me show you some numbers. Here are the 2023 Astros batting stats as of today.

Astros 2023 Stats YTD

McCormick is currently second behind Alvarez in wRC+ and third in OPS.

The real issue for Chas is that he was out almost a month and returned and started playing regularly on May 14th. Since May 14th, this is how these Astros have done since and how many plate appearances each player has gotten.

Astros PT since McCormick Return 5/14/23

Overall, since Chas's return the team is hitting 112 wRC+ which is better than the full season of 99 wRC+ and is FOURTH in the league for this 36-game stretch. Many players have done better than before. Only one is the offensive albatross for this period is Maldonado- of course.

Here is how Dusty has allocated PT between his three primary CF/LFs:

OF PT since McCormick Return 5/14/23

Meyers has been struggling late in this stretch. He did well when he played every day.

What if McCormick would have never missed time and had played as much as the other starters? Let's project the season stats for the team assuming Alvarez's injury limits him to 450 PA, and Chas magically would have gotten to 600 PA (yes, I KNOW he won't.)

Here is how the 2023 Astros would project.

Projected Full Season

Do you notice who is on top? Chas McCormick! The Astros unsung hero who unfortunately was out for a while and who his manager limits for personal reasons.

Dusty really should be held accountable for how he has managed McCormick but he won't be.

I will address how incredible Chas has been defensively later today or tomorrow.

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