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Astros: Welcome to the Show Forrest Whitley!

Get the inside scoop on Astros' Forrest Whitley's long-awaited MLB debut. Can he live up to the hype? Dive into the stats and projections now!

It has been reported by Chandler Rome that Forrest Whitley was going to be added to the Astros 26-man Roster today.

Want evidence that you need to be watching the LGM Astros Weekly Recap?

Let me say WELCOME to the show Forest Whitley!!

Disclaimer: This will be more opinion based on projections from minor league data. That is a very tough thing to do. Not all players make the jump we expect them to.

The Astros are besieged by pitching injuries. The have brought is a series of stop gaps just to give them a day or two. THIS call up will be different. Why?

Whitley has been a top pitching prospect in the MLB and for the Astros. According to MLB Pipeline:

  • 2023 #21 Astros Prospect

  • 2022 #5 Astros Prospect

  • 2021 #1 Astros Prospect / 2021 #41 MLB Prospect

  • 2020 #1 Astros Prospect / 2020 #19 MLB Prospect

  • 2019 #1 Astros Prospect / 2019 #7 MLB Prospect

  • 2018 #1 Astros Prospect / 2018 #9 MLB Prospect

  • 2017 #5 Astros Prospect / 2017 #84 MLB Prospect

Whitley was a one time the TOP RHP Prospect is ALL on the MLB. Injuries, a PED suspension, and lack of effectiveness at higher levels of the minor leagues have kept Whitley down and off the MLB roster.

He has talent- MASSIVE talent. He is still only 26 years old. His best pitching could easily be ahead of him.

He needs to get control and to have a repeatable motion.

This year Whitley was assigned an additional option year (waiver due to all of the injuries), but this is it. It is sink or swim time for Whitley. Whitley cannot be optioned next season to AAA. He will be on an active MLB Roster next season. He will NOT pass through waivers. Given how he has pitched the last few seasons, he has no trade value.

The Astros must find out if Whitley CAN be effective in the MLB so they know is they will plan to have him of their active roster next year. It is go time for Whitley RIGHT NOW before all of the other injured pitchers return.

If the Astros are going to have the bullpen blow games, I rather it be Whitley that blows them than Dubin or Martinez. At least the team will learn something they NEED to know.

This could go great. This could be a disaster. At least the Astros will learn something.

Let's get to know Forrest Whitley. Data from,, and 

Age- 26.6- Born 9/15/97

High School: Alamo Heights HS (San Antonio, TX)

Drafted/ Signed- 1st round of 2016 draft by Houston Astros

Was added to the 40-man roster 11/20/20) (He would have been eligible for the Rule 5 draft- then draft was cancelled)

Options: One - being used in 2024

Service Time: 0.000

Prospect Ratings/ Profiles


Command/ Control is the issue.

MiLB Stats

Let me say this up front. Whitley has not had good AA or AAA stats since 2019. We have to look at the underlying metrics for hope.

Let's look at his xwOBA stats and K%. Here are stats from 2022 to 2024 that were otherwise pretty disastrous years for Whitley's stats.

Whitley Data

Whitley's K% is above PCL league average.

Whitley's 2022-2024 data by pitch type.

Whitley's curveball and sweeper per xwOBA are his best. His changeup is better than the results. Whitley should throw less sinkers.

It will be really interesting what happens with Whitley in a long relief role.

I wrote about Whitley in the offseason as well.

Get Ready Forest Whitley is here! Let's see how it goes.

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