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All We Want For Christmas Is....My Sports Christmas Wishes


"Twas the day before Christmas and among the sports crews, fans are begging Santa for their sports wishes to come true..."

What are our sports wishes for 2024? Here are mine.

Texas Longhorns- One of these is pretty obvious.

  1. Win the Sugar Bowl and National Championship- It's been too long. Let's win it THIS year boys.

  2. Compete in the SEC next season- I am not saying win the SEC Championship but how about the Horns play in the SEC conference game.

Astros- How good can they be in 2024?

  1. Play in the 2024 ALCS- I am going to wish (and most likely to predict) that the Astros play in their eighth straight ALCS.

  2. Win the 2024 World Series- Let's DREAM big. It will be an upset but let's go Astros!

  3. Strategy I can align with and explain- PLEASE PLEASE let 2024 be the year that the front office follows a plan I can support like THIS (Link) and a manager I can explain his moves like THIS (Link). I have hope. Let the LarryTheGM site be a source of positivity please.

NCAA Sports- what about the state of college athletics (see link) in general?

  1. Get to a place of stability- This is probably a fantasy. Fans want to focus on the games and their programs. The business of college sports and conference realignment is interesting, but can we focus on the games? Probably not.

  2. Leadership- if we are going to have instability, can we have leaders we can trust and believe in?

Sports Media- I am REALLY going to dream here.

  1. Real Journalism- A Media more focused on reporting than gaslighting for clicks. I know; it's a dream.

Rockets- The team is growing. Let's take the next step.

  1. Make the playoffs- this will be a great story.

  2. Coach of the Year- Ime Udoka seems to be doing a great job. Let him win Coach of the Year.

Texans- This will sound familiar.

  1. Make the playoffs- maybe they can do it. It would be magical for Houston fans.

  2. Coach of the Year- DeMeco Ryans has transformed the Texans with the talent from the draft.

Your Support- My last wish is for your help. Please support the site by becoming a Patreon member. Click on the Pic belowSports. It will be your Christmas present to me.


Now it is your turn. Please share your sports dreams with me in the comments. Thank You.

From Tony "Rocket Man" Perez


  • Playoffs

  • Coach of the Year

  • Jalen Green second half of the season shooting efficiency and averaging 25 ppg


  • Astros winning 100+ games.

  • Yordan MVP

  • Altuve WS MVP

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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