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Yuli Gurriel- The truth

We all love Yuli and are glad he will be back with the Astros next year. Let's take a balanced view and discuss where Yuli Gurriel really ranks among MLB first basemen.


How Yuli ranks among 1B (24 players) with more than 750 innings at 1B (more than half the innings) by multiple advanced fielding metrics

DRS- Defensive Runs Saved- 5- tied for 4th place

DEF- Defensive Runs Above Average- -10.6- 17th place

UZR- Ultimate Zone Rating- -0.1- 14th place

RZR- Revised Zone Rating- 0.820- 5th place

OOZ- Out of Zone plays- 37- 1st place

One can find data to support any position relative to Yuli defensively. My eyes tell me he is good.


Yuli Gurriel had a career year at age 37. Is it sustainable? In short No. His 2021 stats came with a very high degree of luck.

Here are some stats

Ave 0.319

OBP 0.383

SLG 0.462

OPS 0.846

wOBA 0.362

xwOBA 0.324

BABIP 0,336 (MLB average 0.292)

wRC+ 134

WAR 3.4

Projected 2022 stats

Ave 0.283

OBP 0.346

SLG 0.446

OPS 0.792

wOBA 0.341

wRC+ 115

Proj WAR 1.6 (Astros team 13th best projected WAR at 1B)

I think these numbers are far more likely for Gurriel in 2022- Good but not great.

Was he worth the $8MM team option executed today? Of Course, but don't expect him to repeat 2021.

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