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You want a Varsho to Astros Rumor?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

It is a crazy Monday and the deals are flying. The Diamondbacks seem committed to trading Varsho. I actually wrote about this LAST YEAR. I would say much of what I said about Mantiply and Varsho is still true. I think if we did this deal now Varsho would be a CF first.

The trade then was

The Astros no longer need Walker. So what is the deal now? Just remember I can produce baseless rumor better than all of the click baiter.

Here is MY deal TODAY

12/12 Update- This NOW won't happen.

I would add Maldy (-3.5- for some reason in tool but not in Astros team) to this deal and sign Vazquez to start at catcher. Strommy would love to have Maldy in Arizona to work with his pitchers.

Varsho and Diaz/ Lee to back-up Maldy while Varsho splits time in CF with Meyers.

Mantiply the LHRP I have always wanted.

IF you had to add Lee to the deal.

Arizona may need a third team in this deal to send McCormick to that might be able to get more pitching.

12/12 Addition

This deal make so much sense for the Astros and yet I know people will hate it.

  1. McCormick's Trade value will never be higher

  2. Losing Garcia hurts and probably means this team has to get a SP

  3. Varsho is a unique talent capable of splitting time in C and CF

  4. Mantiply fills a role of need at LHRP

Here is how I would allocate playing time

Who says no?

Let me know what you think.


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Dr Lee
Dr Lee
Dec 13, 2022

I like the concept Larry, Varsho and Mantiply would both be good additions, solid additions. Unfortunately I’m starting to get the feeling that Crane is going to wait until the spring to do anything whatsoever at which point only the “scraps” will remain to trade for, and at that point I would not trade McCormick or Garcia for scraps. I’m not happy with Cranes approach, but seeing all the players we were supposedly interested in sign with other clubs sends a solid message that Crane is standing pat and waiting until the spring to do anything. I hope I am incorrect, but I think I am right, sadly. Crane please prove me wrong and surprise me!!

Dr Lee
Dr Lee
Dec 13, 2022
Replying to

Well, he already fired his GM click just after winning the World Series. I guess he can now fire his “placeholder GM" now also!


I feel like the D-Backs are not going to be interested in McCormick given their glut of outfielders.

But I see no way around the fact that the Astros would have to include a big-league SP in a Varsho deal. The big contracts given out by teams this offseason means that cost-controlled big-leaguers are more valuable than ever. A cost-controlled arm for a cost-controlled outfielder allows both teams to balance their rosters without dipping too far into the prospect pool.

That said, I think Arizona would want Framber (instead of Garcia) and a low- to mid-level prospect to get this deal over the line, and including Mantiply may be a bridge too far.

Replying to

Feels like we’re just going to end up with Tucker Barnhart and stand pat everywhere else.…eat Maldonado’s poor plate production and roll the dice with McCormick/Meyers. MAYBE re-sign Brantley.

Not saying I love that plan, but it feels like that’s where we’re headed.

Relatedly, Crane seems to be so good at putting stuff out in the media that he has no intention of following through on. It’s going to be really disappointing when he fails to re-sign Kyle Tucker.


Dec 12, 2022

I would do this in a heartbeat honestly. Good article. Mantiply and Varsho are great. Really dying for Yanier Diaz to get some playing time.

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