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World Series Game 2 Guide- Print and Use

Here are you matchup tables for Game 2

Astros batting against Max Fried

This is the generation 3 of the matchup tables I did and the Fried table is updated

- accounts for the quality of the pitcher's pitches (better or worse than average wOBA 0.315)

- accounts for the batter's platoon splits

The middle column in bold is the answer. Remember, red is good and blue is bad.

The same batters should do well against Fried. I will go with Correa for Game 2 MVP. I also believe the Astros may roll the dice based on this with Siri in CF.

Braves batting against Urquidy

Here is the first of the Astros pitching tables. Freeman and Riley and Duvall are the key hitters in Game 2 that to whom the Astros need to be extremely careful pitching. Expect an unusually high amount of Sliders, Curveballs, and Changeups.

Here are your pitcher usage tables. These show how many pitches each pitcher has thrown in the previous games. Pink indicates a likely rest day.

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