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Why YOU need this site as an Astros fan!

In June when I wrote that the Astros should get Mancini and a good starting level catcher. I was specific. I was detailed in my analysis of why. It is all on the website.

I was ridiculed and dragged. the cult felt the need to check on me when Maldy and Yuli got hot.

Popular websites and Twitter accounts pointed their followers at me for hating Yuli and Maldy. Completely Untrue.

I did not waver.

I was told this team would never reduce Maldy's nor Yuli's role on this team. It would cause chaos and divide the clubhouse. All BS.

The same people that dragged me in June and July celebrate as the players they never wanted produce and LEAD this team's production.

While Dusty is still as stubborn as ever, more and more of you agree that Vazquez NEEDS to be the primary catcher and Mancini NEEDS to play daily.

The question is WILL Dusty be forced to play the optimum lineup or will he stubbornly stick to players that at age 36 and 38 are fading as the season end approaches just like someone said they would.

Will the haters take back their hate? No they will just block me hoping you don't notice who told you the truth and who was full of crap.

The real question now is WHO will you trust for Astros analysis and the truth even if you don't like it. Will you come to the place that gave you the truth or continue to listen to people that quote fake "sources?"

Come here to

Where the smart fans go.

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