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Why the Astros did not get Castillo

Last night, the Reds traded Castillo to the Mariners for Noelvi Marte, Edwin Arroyo, Levi Stoudt, and Andrew Moore. Media has reported that this was a significant prospect hall for the Reds but just how big was it and could the Astros have even matched this offer?

First, who are the guys the Reds got in the trade for Luis Castillo?

You will notice this group includes players that were at the TOP of the Mariners system. The two top guys are VERY YOUNG and in A ball. They were highly rated and this was also reflected in the website valuation. The total package of PROSPECTS traded added up to 63.1.

What would a package of prospects look like to get us even close to 63.1. Referring to the data we compiled for the article in the prospect section shows one would have to trade the top NINE prospects and still only get to 57.7 value.

Notice this list is also mainly AAA and one MLB player as prospects. THIS is not what the Reds wanted. They are in rebuild mode.

Therefore, as we have said, the Astros never had a chance to get Castillo. The teams they trade with need to want a more ready prospect or even an MLB player like McCormick for the Astros to make a significant trade. Remember this when you see rumors.

What are reasonable deals for the Astros? Read THIS

If you want to dream bigger how about this?

We are here for you to bring clarity to the MLB trade deadline. Let me know what you think.

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