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Why LarryTheGM Why?- Dusty has no idea how to use Odorizzi

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

AstrosTwitter Asks, LarryTheGM Answers Series/ Explain Why Dusty….

I got a tweet today that gave me an idea. It asked me to explain why Dusty did something. I thought this could happen DAILY. I should make it a series on the website. So here it is- the inaugural “AstrosTwitter Asks, LarryTheGM Answers Series/ Explain Why Dusty….” Let’s see where this goes.

Here is the tweet



@LarrytheGM Please explain why Dusty continues to put Odorizzi out for the 6th? It NEVER goes well and NEVER gets through the inning and simply leaves a mess. This is a consistent pattern. Jake was great today, just take the 5 innings and be done.

Disclaimer- I was working during the game and also did not hear Dusty’s post game press conference. I am going to give you that I think is the BEST explanation of why Baker let Odorizzi start the sixth inning. If I learn more I will add to this.

Let’s go to the bottom of the sixth

The game was 0-0 at the time. Odorizzi had pitched well (5.0 IP, 1H, 1BB, 1HBP, 0R, 7K, 79 pitches). Jake had retired 12 of the last 13 batters. Odorizzi was about to start for the third time through the lineup if you let him. Four pitchers had pitched the night before some with significant pitch loads (Graveman 28, Taylor 20, Yimi 10, Bielak 7). Raley and Maton both pitched on both 8/29 and 8/30 and the Astros have a preference to not pitch relief pitchers on three of four days. Therefore, the preferred bullpen today was in my guess of Dusty’s real desire to use the relief pitchers today in a 0-0 game:





Pressly (who had pitched a lot lately too)


Paredes (was he even there today?)

The point is that he did not have his full bullpen. Javier may have also been saved for the Urquidy start to essentially tandem start that day.

Baker is old school. He can’t believe a pitcher would be done at 79 PITCHES. It just goes against his inner baseball soul.

Why Dusty sent Odorizzi out for the sixth inning

1. Dusty saw Odorizzi’s performance through the first 5 innings and his low pitch count and said he should pitch the sixth

2. Dusty was aware that his bullpen was taxed the previous games. This empowered him to send Odorizzi out for the sixth inning.

3. That was enough to have Dusty send Odorizzi out in a 0-0 game

Why Dusty should NEVER allow Odorizzi to pitch the third time through the order in a semi-close game

OPS 1.330 in the 3rd PA. Quite simply that number alone should keep Odorizzi on the bench in ALL close game situations before he embarks on pitching to the order for a third time.

Just Don’t Do It Dusty.

Once again, the question itself proves that my twitter followers are the smartest baseball fans in the world.

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