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Why Astros FANS Should LOVE Chas McCormick More

Updated: May 9, 2023

You already know the answer to this Who Am I but I think this is going to properly set the stage for my outrage.

Who Am I?

  • I just turned 28 years old and I was having a GREAT start to my 2023 season before I got hurt doing what I always do- hustling and giving max effort diving to make a catch.

  • My career wRC+ is 113 which means I am above average OF

  • Among 161 OFer with more than 400 PA from the start of the 2021 season, I rank

    • 43rd in wRC+

    • 37th in WAR

    • 11th in Defensive WAR

    • These numbers mean I am a good #2 OF. On the Astros I am actually the #3 OF and it sometimes feels like I am considered to be #5 OF

  • I sometimes feel like I am in the shadow of TWO MVP level players - Alvarez and Tucker. This is fine but does not diminish how good I am.

  • My manager has consistently shown a lack of confidence in me. I have consistently showed him to be wrong especially at the biggest moments.

  • His limiting my playing time has led to limiting my production. If one were to measure my WAR efficiency (WAR per 100 PA).

    • My WAR Efficiency is 0.62

      • Better than Springer, Teoscar Hernandez, Arozarena, Meyers, Brantley, and scores of players that Astros Twitter insists are better than me

    • This is 24th of those same 161 OF

  • I made probably THE most important defensive play in the 2022 World Series

  • My name is Chas McCormick

I want to highlight something I said there. McCormick has been more valuable (per WAR) than Brantley since 2021- 4.8 to 3.5. Plate appearances essentially the same.

The Astros announced Chas McCormick's return in this tweet.

I encourage you to see the replies because from my perspective they are horrible, inexcusable, and IF you made one of these hateful replies and you are a subscriber to this website, unsubscribe now. To the idiot that quote tweeted the announcement to boo and to the one that retweeted that booing, you are not welcome at this site. This site is where the SMART fans go.

I wrote this in August of last year.

I THINK Astros fans spew disrespect about McCormick because his manager does not properly value him. I am tired of it. THIS site will be a McCormick support zone.

For all of the haters out there, you are going to look stupid WRT Chas McCormick.

In 2021 in the midst of Jake from Rake Farm mania, I said that Chas and Jake were so close that it was too early to conclude who was better. When 80% of this fan base said that Jake should be dumped, I said that he wasn't healthy, and he should not be judged on 2022 performance.

Every day for the past two plus years this fan base has hated on one or the other of these OFers. They are currently 24th and 38th among 161 OF is WAR delivery efficiency since they both arrived in 2021.

Why can't you all love and appreciate both?

YES, it is probable that one of them will need to be traded. Not because they suck, but because they are so VALUABLE that trading them will get the Astros something they need like pitching.

Until they are, APPRECIATE BOTH Meyers and McCormick.

For any of you that want the entire list of 161 OFers, here you go.

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