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Why did the Astros Trade for Nick Allgeyer?

Word from multiple media sources indicates that the Astros have traded for Nick Allgeyer from the Phillies.

Profile for Nick Allgeyer


Age- 27.2

Drafted/ Signed- 2018 Round 12 by Toronto

Acquired- 5/5/23 for Cash

Service Time- 0.005

Options- 2

Arb Eligible- 2026

Free Agent- 2029

Prospect Ratings- never rated in top 30

Here are Allgeyer's stats

There is nothing here to blow you away.

So WHY did the Astros trade for Allgeyer?

This gives the Astros another potential #5 SP. Dana Brown is working. IF the SPs did recover Allgeyer could be deployed to the bullpen. I don't expect him immediately or even at all, but Brown is giving himself options.

He only paid cash. He is not giving up prospects for a #5 SP. Period.

We just got word that Garcia will indeed have Tommy John surgery as we expected.

Before you balk at me too hard about Allgeyer being a #5 SP, consider this.

How good are the #5 SP in the MLB in 2023?

I went through the MLB and sorted each team's ACTIVE SP by IP. This is an inherently flawed process, but it will get us in the ballpark.

Three teams this evening do NOT have 5 Active SP (pitchers that have made a single start (Astros, Texas, Colorado). Injuries have hurt these teams. Ten teams have had 6 SP. Some are clearly using a 6-man rotation.

Ok, even with the disclaimers what is the current profile of the 27 #5 SP?

GS- 3.6 G

IP- 18.1

ERA- 5.47

FIP- 5.25

WAR- 0.0

Yes, the current #5 SP is terrible. By Allgeyer's ERA and FIP projections (4.41/ 4.67) he would be better than an average #5. Not bad for a cash move.

It is a bonus he is a LHP.

How does Allgeyer slot in as an option to be a #5 SP for the Astros in 2023? How does he compare to what the Astros already have? Click the box to find out

I am working on this next, but I wanted you to have this quick profile.

Dana Brown is working folks. I trust his scouting eyes.

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