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Who Will Win the Big 12 in 2023?

The Big 12 announced their schedule and will break that down for you in the LarryTheGM way.

- Who has the EASIEST conference schedule? overall schedule?

- Who had the HARDEST conference schedule? overall schedule?

- Who will WIN EVERY Big 12 game in 2023

- Who will WIN the Big 12 in 2023?

- Will ANYONE make the CFP?

Yes sir it is on.

To evaluate the strength of schedule I used the College Football News (CFN) ranking of 1 to 133 (Click the Button)

I will adjust the source and compare rankings as they become available.

Here is the Big 12 Conference Schedule Grid

This shows who plays who and where.

The numbers at the top and left are the rankings per College Football Rankings.

  • Teams in RED are the old Southwest Conference Schools

  • Teams in PURPLE are the old Big 8 Schools

  • Teams in YELLOW are the old AAC Schools

  • Houston is in ORANGE to reflect its history in both SWC and AAC

  • BYU is in GREEN to reflect its independent history

  • West Virginia is in BLUE to reflect its history in the Big East

Here are the non-conference opponents for the Big 12 teams and the same CFN ranking for those teams. I went ahead and predicted the winner of each of these games.

For the FCS teams on some of the schedules (black font) I guessed at a ranking of 150, 200, 250, or 300 based on those school's 2022 performance. If we want and exact system, stop scheduling these schools!

Schedule Strength

Most people tell you who has a hard schedule are not evaluating the predicted strength of the opponents. They are just looking at travel and some nebulous opinion of who THEY think teams are.

I calculate the schedule strength by simply adding the ratings of the team each team plays. Therefore, the lower the number and the average the harder the schedule.

The Big 12 Schedule Rankings


  1. Kansas (plays at Texas (#12), Kansas St. (#15), Texas Tech (#24), Oklahoma (#28), at OSU (#35), and at Cincinnati (#39)- that is 6 of the top 7 teams- 3 on the road)

  2. Houston- (plays Texas (#12), at Kansas St. (#15), TCU (#23), at Texas Tech (#24), OSU (#35), and Cincinnati (#39)- that is 6 of the top 7 teams- 2 on the road)

  3. Iowa St.- (plays Texas (#12), at Kansas St. (#15), TCU (#23), at Oklahoma (#28), OSU (#35), and at Cincinnati (#39)- that is 6 of the top 7 teams- 3 on the road)


  1. Cincinnati (does NOT play the TOP FOUR teams- Texas (#12), Kansas St. (#15), TCU (#23), Texas Tech (#24) and plays ALL SIX of the bottom six teams)

  2. Oklahoma St. (does NOT play the three of the top four teams- Texas (#12), TCU (#23), Texas Tech (#24) and plays ALL FIVE of the bottom five teams)

Most of the rest of the schools are pretty even as far as schedules.

Texas fans, your Big 12 schedule ranks ninth. It could be MUCH WORSE.

Overall Schedule Strength

The Non-conference schedule is very different for the Big 12 opponents. Texas, Kansas St., and West Virginia have very challenging non-conference schedules overall. Texas Tech, Baylor, Iowa St., and Kansas all play teams projected to be in the top 25. There are some opponents that the Big 12 schools will need to do better than schedule after Texas and OU leave the conference.

If you combine the Non-Conference and the Conference Schedules, you get a different lant on the schedule strength.


  1. Texas- by a mile

  2. Kansas State

  3. Houston


  1. Cincinnati

  2. Baylor- Long Island? Bears be better than this.

  3. Oklahoma St.

  4. TCU- how about you all play a top 50 team outside the conference? Maybe they will in 2025 with North Carolina.

  5. UCF

Larry The GM Predicts EVERY GAME in the Big 12 Schedule

It's way too early. I reserve the right to change it; but based on what I know right now, here is who I think wins ever conference game.

Read across to see what I think each team will do against its opponents.

OR just see this standings table to see the results.

  • Texas in 2023

    • Texas loses early to Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

    • Texas loses one time in 2023 in this conference- at TCU.

    • I see a four-way tie at 7-2 for second place. It doesn't matter; Texas beats whoever they play in their final Big 12 championship game.

    • Given their two loses the seventh ranked Longhorns miss CFP

    • Horns get revenge on Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

    • Hello SEC

Other Notes from my predicted 2023 Big 12 Season

  • Oklahoma bounces back.

  • TCU, KSU, Tech, and Cincinnati have strong seasons.

  • OSU and UCF are up and down but make a bowl.

  • Several teams get run over and miss a bowl game.

  • Houston plays the role of Kansas whipping boy for the new Big 12.

  • There will develop a haves and have-nots feel late into the season. Everyone will be eager to get rid of haves Texas and OU.

Well, that was fun. Once you have the schedule you can write the story for the whole season and conference and see how wrong you are later.

Hook 'Em Horns!

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