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Who Am I?

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

It is one of my favorite games. Can you guess who this is without skipping to the end?

As always, there is a point to the exercise.

  • I am a veteran in my 30s and I have played for multiple teams including the Milwaukee Brewers when I was 26.

  • My defense is recent years was at the top of the league and I built a strong reputation for it. This year that defense has significantly fallen off.

  • My batting fell off in recent years too. This season is one of my worst batting seasons in my career.

  • I am a multiyear veteran of the team I am on right now.

  • This year I have a negative fWAR.

  • Some people REALLY wanted me to be cut or traded.

Before reading on who do you think this is. It is not who you think it is although everything I wrote is also true for the player you think I am writing about.


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Let me add a few additional items.

  • I was recently DFAd by my team after by poor performance at the plate in 2022-2023 and in the field this year.

  • My team DFAd me even knowing that they would owe me ~$3.0M this year.

  • I will be released or traded within a week.

  • My wRC+ in 2023 is 56. This was 48 out of 53 players at my position with more than 150 PA.

  • I play primarily 2B.

  • I played for the Detroit Tigers

  • My name is Jonathan Schoop

Who did this sound like until the very end? Well let's do the comparison.

Shoop vs. Maldonado

Yes, the Detroit Tigers DFAd Schoop who is younger and playing better than Maldonado.

Tell me again WHY the Astros cannot live without Maldy again. BEFORE you answer read this.

Nelson Cruz was DFAd by the Padres today too. He too is performing far better than Maldonado.

Do I EXPECT the Astros to move on from Maldonado? No. Should they? Well, in an ideal world he would be the 25-30% timeshare catcher. The manager will not allow that. So, either the manager or the catcher should go.

Did you enjoy or learn something from this LarryTheGM "Who am I?" post?


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