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Who am I?

I have played for the Astros this year

You probably don’t think I am very good as my full season stats are below average

I am a rookie

My OPS is second to Tucker since the All-Star Break (Min 40 PA)

I have driven in more runners per plate appearance since the All-Star Break than any other Astros player with more than 40 PA

I am 27 year old

I am currently not playing for the Astros

I am playing for the Sugar Land Skeeters

I have played mainly 1B and LF this year

My OPS with RISP is 1.000 (wRC+ 159). This is only in 33 PA because I have not played a lot

Most Astros fans cheered when a 32 year old player was called up further limiting my playing time and causing the Astros to eventually send me back to AAA

My initials are TJ

My name is Taylor Jones

What surprises you the most about these clues?

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Adam Kaiser
Adam Kaiser
Sep 18, 2021

You misspelled Robel Garcia

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