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What was REALLY Wrong with Alex Bregman (We Think)

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

JoshuaTheAT tells us what Bregman was likely dealing with and what is next.

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We will start with Alex Bregman. Many Astros fans, including myself were disappointed with Bregman’s playoff performance this year. According to Baseball Reference he lowered the Astros championship win probability by 5.7% in the World Series. Compared to adding 23.1% in 2017. I think many people suspected an injury and on November 1st Carlos Correa alluded to this. What makes this more evident is Bregman’s comments about his top hand during the World Series, telling Ken Rosenthal he had a weak top hand. All of this makes sense. Any injury to the wrist will decrease grip strength because the muscles that control grip strength start on the forearm, cross the wrist, and end on the hand.

So what do we think this injury actually is? Based on the announcement from the team of resuming baseball activities in 6-10 weeks, I believe he had a Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Tear (TFCC). The TFCC is analogous to the meniscus of the knee, it provides cushion and support for the wrist. An injury to this area has difficult time healing on its own, just like the meniscus of the knee, because it has very poor blood supply. Bregman was able probably able to finish the season because he’s a tough SOB and willed himself across the finish line. Recovery from surgery from these tears are totally dependent on the severity and location of the injury. There are numerous types of tears and ways to fix them, I’m not going to bore you with those details as I am extremely unqualified to talk about them. I would expect Alex to be in a splint anywhere from 2-6 weeks and then gradually return to full activity. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him with a brace during the first part of Spring Training, but I don’t think this will impact his regular season. Hopefully Alex can put the injury woes behind him after this recovery and returns back to the 7 WAR and MVP candidate he was in 2018 and 2019.

For those wanting disclaimers and keyboard lawyer types- From JoshuaTheAT

A disclaimer about everything I write: This is all speculation. I can give my opinion on a situation but there are times I will be dead wrong. Evaluating an athlete in front of you can be difficult at times, so doing it from in front of a screen is next to impossible. But I think I can give you an informed opinion/a rough estimation of what to expect regarding severity and recovery time for a given injury. Again: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I WILL BE WRONG. When I get something wrong I will be the first person to admit it.

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I figured something was up. The question is...should he have stepped aside for Diaz if he was below par?

Replying to

This why the guys at the pro level get paid the big bucks. If you look at Bregman's numbers in the playoffs you can certainly argue that was the move. I'm guessing Alex wouldn't have been very happy with that decision. As much as we like to try and boil these scenarios to pure numbers, people with personalities are involved. Sitting Bregman may not have gone over well in the clubhouse either. Hindsight being 20\20 though. Yeah, probably.

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