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What Car is Your Favorite Astros Player?

I made an analogy with regard to Chas McCormick and Jake Meyers and it struck me that maybe this would be a fun way to discuss this Astros roster.

What car is your favorite Astros Player?

Today, the position players.

I'm going to do this without a massive data dump to back up each analogy but trust me it's there. The cars are all subjective but we will loosely base it on these qualities.

Maldonado- 2009 Jeep Cherokee- this car was an old reliable, always used to get us where we wanted to go, family is fighting about whether it's time to trade it in or not. Some refuse to let go of the Jeep.

Abreu- 2015 Hummer- this car too has seen it's better days but if you need power to climb a hill or have a reliable ride, this is it. Not nearly as agile or fast as others but can take a beating.

Altuve- 1964 Ford Mustang- this classic has been maintained excellently. It's still fast and is powerful. We might die before we get rid of this car. EVERYONE LOVES THIS CAR.

Pena- 2022 Tesla- it's the latest technology and appears to be good at low price. There have been moments we didn't want to ride in anything else. We have had it for such a short time, we aren't even sure what model it is.

Bregman- 2019 BMW- the family loves this car and routinely votes to road-trip in it. Reliable as can be. Power, great handling, crash protection, a little flashy, and just fun to have around. May be my favorite.

Brantley- 2016 Audi- this is our uncle's car, and he loves it. When it's not in the shop it is an awesome ride. It's hard to tell our uncle that this may be the last year for us to keep this car around.

McCormick- 2021 Ford F-150- the classic workhorse pickup. This truck is not flashy but gets the job done. The family is always wanting an upgrade, but who doesn't love a good reliable pickup?

Meyers- 2021 Dodge Ram 1500 Hybrid- this truck has been in the repair shop a lot, but some argue it's even better that the F-150. Can go surprisingly fast.

Tucker- 2020 Mercedes-Benz- some in the family think this is our best car. Others are beginning to argue about how much it costs to maintain it. Either way, this car does it all- fast, handling, power, and just the wow factor you want. We can't let this car go anytime soon.

Alvarez- 2019 Land Rover Range Rover Limited Edition- this is our most powerful SUV that is so good and so reliable that we just can't get enough of it. Some in the family say it may be the best car we have ever had.

Diaz and Lee- 2023 GM SUVs- they promised us this would be delivered this year, but haven't told us if we are getting the Chevy Trax or the Buick Enclave we test drove. We will have to see.

Hensley- 2022 Chevy Silverado- we drove it late last year and it seemed to be a pretty good and versatile truck. We shall see.

Dubon- 2017 Kia Sorento- the kids hate this car but dad keeps driving it and swears it is really a 2022 Kia Stinger GT2. We are eager to hear what Uncle Dana says.

What do you think? What suggestion would you make for your favorite Astros player? Comment below.

Tomorrow the pitchers. I hear there is a new Porche on the lot.

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