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Welcome to the ROCKETS Page!

Rockets Fans,

I have had a few folks ask to write for the site and that is something I would love for interested folks to do.

The only thing I really ask is that the content be generally aligned with the themes of this site. This site is dedicated to thoughtful generally objective (although we do love our teams) analysis.

Today we launch our Rockets Page! This page will have content about Houston's exciting team full of young talent.

Introducing our Rockets writers.

Tony "Rocket Man" Perez- Tony is working towards becoming a journalist, he is an actual local newspaper reporter, and has written content for other sites. He wanted to write here because he has been keeping up with this site for years and likes what we do here.

These guys may write about the Astros and other teams too. You probably won't see me write about the Rockets- at least not for now.

I hope you enjoy our Rockets content here.

Support the Site

Do you want to support this site? Do you want to make sure you continue to get real analysis like this?

It takes time and it does cost money, I really would appreciate your support of the work. Here is your opportunity to do that at a nominal cost. This support will help me continue to provide you what I do- objective analysis of your teams. It will also help the site improve and expand our reach.

If you don't think our work is worthy of financial support, I will accept your non-action feedback humbly.

The details are available at It is VERY easy to sign up.

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