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Video: MLB/ Astros Opening Day Predictions

Get ready for the 2024 MLB season with our Astros Opening Day Predictions! Join me and Clint as we break down our thoughts and predictions for the upcoming season.

To preview the season, we have several tools at your fingertips.

League One Page Summaries- Uncover the batting and pitching strengths and weaknesses of every MLB team in these comprehensive one-page summaries.

Opening day morning, we will give the Premium and Patreon members or series preview guides. For the first few series, everyone will get the chance to see that the premium members have access too.

The MoneyMakers members will get our exclusive best bets after the starting lineups are announced every game. This will also give them my exclusive lineup grades.

Watch Clint and I go through the one pagers, and we review this WAR table.


Here is the AL WAR table.


Here is the NL WAR table.


Send me your Predictions

  • Projected record

  • Will the Astros win the AL West

  • Postseason predictions

  • Batting MVP

  • Pitching MVP

  • Surprise Player

  • Best Rookie

My Predictions

  • Projected record- 90-72

  • Will the Astros win the AL West- Yes by 5 games

  • Postseason predictions- Lose ALCS

  • Batting MVP- Yordan Alvarez

  • Pitching MVP- Hunter Brown

  • Surprise Player- Ronel Blanco

  • Best Rookie- Spencer Arrighetti

Clint's Predictions

  • Projected record- 94-68

  • Will the Astros win the AL West- Yes by 3 games

  • Postseason predictions- Win World Series

  • Batting MVP- Yainer Diaz

  • Pitching MVP- Bryan Abreu

  • Surprise Player- Zach Dezenzo

  • Best Rookie- Spencer Arrighetti

Please, comment below your predictions.

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