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Updated ALCS Pitching Status/ Bullpen Availability

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Team Status/ Bullpen Availability

This Article will be updated with each game to track pitcher availability. If you want the deep dive full analysis go to the Matchup Guide Article.

As we stated they might, before the ALCS the Astros did add Seth Martinez and NOT Will Smith to give them 13 pitchers.

Here is the recent pitch usage for the Astros staff.

Here is the recent pitch usage for the Yankees staff.

The Yankees did not add Chapman as we expected they wouldn't. They added righties Weissert and Montas and not lefty Abreu.

I also created a staff status checker which essentially projects when players are good to pitch. I do not have the cumulative effect of repeated work fully built into this yet but you should get the idea.

Don't worry too much about the numbers. Green indicates recovered. Red is not available. Then there are color shades in between. Players in the black box are scheduled to start.

Here are the starting pitcher matchup detail tables

This is a very even matchup of the starting pitchers.

The top guys on the Yankees might get McCullers. Judge is a tough match especially for LMJ's sinker. Lance, less sinkers and more sliders and curves please.

Listen to me now and hear me later, Chas McCormick (0.372 xwOBA) will win the ALCS series MVP tonight. He is second only to Alvarez today.

HOPEFULLY, Dusty plays Vasquez today (0.321 xwOBA!). Pena may surprise people that don't read this table, but he should not you. Tucker has a hard matchup vs. Cortes.

Here are what I project the starting matchups will be fore the rest of the series and how the starters matchup.

You will notice in the schedule of the ALCS- five games (ALCS3- ALCS7) are planned to be played in a row. Due to this it is likely both teams will need a new starter or at least someone they will open with in one of those five games. This is where the Astros have a big advantage.

I believe if the series goes to a game 7, Cole will be brought back on short rest to start that game.

I am also adding the overall matchup tables so you can see as RP are brought in how they match the batters.

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