Twitter Space: Astros Talk - Recap Yankees/Mets Series and Trade Ideas with Larry, Clint and More!

Thanks for coming to the page to listen to last week's space with Larry, Clint and other great Astros fans as we discussed some key takeaways from the Yankees Series, what these matchups meant and our hopes for what the front office learns from the 9 games. After recapping that, we touch on prospects, trade ideas and the current state of the roster in hopes of finding a great potential trade strategy for the Astros! Please find us on Twitter at @LarryTheGM and @ClintTheScout! Drop a follow, like or more! We enjoy talking Astros and hope to share what we value with you all! Level up!

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As of this week, my opinions will only be shared here. I am not going to hold back. I am tired of being dragged in social media for my data based opinions. To see my opinions now people will have to

This team REFUSES to play their best players regularly. The #Astros deserve to lose games they should not. If they lose a home field advantage, look back at nights like tonight. Again my Lineup is h