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Turning a Corner: A Great Weekend for the Astros

By Clint the Scout

Was it just me, or did we see an entirely different Astros team this past weekend?

Discover how the Astros turned a corner with a weekend full of energy, great performance, and hope for the rest of the season.

The energy, mentality and performance were indicative of the ball club I spoke of before the season started. They played at a level of their own, understanding that it was necessary to beat a very good team in the Baltimore Orioles.

We can all dissect and say Friday wasn’t a good game. They game up a lot of runs in mop up duty. But what is mop up duty but finding a way to get outs, fast? The unfortunate truth is the Orioles offense is the best in the league against the lower-tier options in our bullpen. Saturday and Sunday were truly special days for Blanco and Framber. They showed us why there is so much hope for the rest of the season. They gave us pause to reflect on why this team would not be sellers this season. We outscored them 27-14 over three games. We swept the series. We won when it mattered most, against one of the toughest opponents.

Let’s not forget the May-June stretch Hunter Brown is having. He’s been phenomenal. Adding the sinker has helped him work batters much more effectively and given him a pitch he can control for strikes on tough counts. Two days ago, it was reported that Luis Garcia is close to beginning a rehab assignment. We felt his return would be after the All-Star break, targeting a late July return. Justin Verlander may be the 5th starter in this rotation if Luis Garcia returns to form.

The Astros have series against the Rockies, Mets, Blue Jays, Twins, Marlins and Rangers before the All-Star break. You know what’s even more pivotal, the 3-game series in Seattle right after the break. What a moment that can be for this season.

While other sites, sources and Astros fans were selling the like of Kyle Tucker, Framber Valdez and whoever else they could find, Larry and I were doubling down. We understood what Dana Brown was saying, and we knew this team had substantial upside once on the other side of this sluggish start to the 2024 season. The front office shed the dead weight of Jose Abreu, seeming to have lifted the weight of all the turmoil this team faced up until that point. We then had this past weekend, when a team missing the MVP-caliber right-fielder on the IL, puts together great offensive production in the midst of what was truly a make-or-break moment as the Astros chase down the Mariners.

There is a fantastic narrative brewing here. The Astros have been the benchmark for MLB teams since 2017. The greatness, retool and reload approach focused on the core players. When it seems they lost a stud, they find another in a different spot, or just replace them. However, this season felt different. We were not accustomed to seeing this team struggle. We know the talent, but it didn't seem to matter on the field.

As this weekend series showed us, there are so many reasons to believe in this ball club. They have quality pitching; they have great offensive pieces, and their defense can be great in big moments. This is a tiny glimpse into the reasons for optimism for the Astros.

Have the Astros Truly Turned a Corner?

Uncover how the Astros rose from the dead, overcoming a slew of injuries and pitching woes to now be in striking distance for the postseason.

The in-depth, analytical reasons are available at, we talk about the good and the bad weekly. We are ready to share the game within the game with anyone who wants to believe in the Astros with us.

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