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The xwOBA Matchup Calculation Method Explained Step-by-Step

Last Night as we reviewed the Matchup Guide we described the method for the calculation. These six one minute clips take you through the process.

Step one- Getting the xwOBA data from for the pitchers

Step two- Getting the hitting data and and Larry explains why he uses xwOBA

Step three- Larry puts the pitching and hitter data into a pitcher table and calculates the Schwarber batter vs. the Verlander pitch mix

The Schwarber Math

Step four- Larry calculates the Verlander pitcher adjustment and calculates the matchup xwOBA

The Verlander Adjustment Math

Step 5- Larry shows how the Verlander data is put into the matchup matrix and calculates the Verlander vs. Phillies lineup average xwOBA

Step 6- Larry describes how we will use the tables during the game

Then I asked Casey and Clint for feedback

Casey's thoughts

Clint describes how this works with pitch sequence

How this data gets used

Let me know what you think.

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