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The Questions That SHOULD Have Been Asked at Pac-12 Media Day

The Pac-12 is having their media day and in full spin mode. George Kliavkoff tried verbal olympics and failed when he CLAIMED the Pac -12 was CHOOSING NOT TO SHARE their media rights package but when pressed had to admit that it was not actually approved.

Here are the questions George Kliavkoff SHOULD have been asked today at Pac-12 Media Day, but as we have covered multiple times sports media members are weak.

"George, so when you said you were choosing not to share the media rights deal now so that today would be about football, that was only partially true. Isn't the REAL reason you can't share it today is that it is NOT APPROVED?"

"Are you 100% confident ALL Members WILL sign off and approve this media deal package and sign the Grant of Rights? If not, why not?"

"Have you or have you not shared the details of the Media Rights package with the Pac-12 Presidents? If not, when will you?"

"Will you have this media rights package and the GOR settled by the first game this fall? What is your timeline to communicating the package to the press and your fans?"

"Last Year, you said you had not decided if you would shop in the Big 12 for expansion targets. This year, you and Pac-12 officials have acted upset that the Big 12 is ready to receive your members that have approached them. Are you being hypocritical?"

"Recently, you have stated you were confident that your media rights would surpass the Big 12. Are you still confident in that?"

"I am not asking you to quantify your media rights revenues. I am asking you will the revenue be in line with the $40-50 million per school you stated it would be?"

"Furthermore, you said that in the near future the Pac-12 would be on par with the Big10 and SEC. Do you STILL think that will happen?"

"How are you in better shape than you were even in a few months ago on the media rights package?"

"There were reports that you had new partners who engaged very recently. Are you STILL negotiating with those new partners? Is the deal done or not?"

"How did you balance between streaming and linear media? Is there disagreement among your members in how much streaming they will accept?"

"Why did you think it was in your conference's best interests to allow conference and member school officials to repeatedly set false timing expectations? Why didn't you all just say you were going to communicate in the summer of 2023."

"How would you describe your personal leadership style as Pac-12 commissioner? What have you learned and how will you lead differently in the next year?"

Media if you need help, let me know next time?


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