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The Murphy Trade HELPS the Astros Sign Vazquez

Today there are reports that Sean Murphy is heading to the Braves and that William Contreras is heading to the Brewers. Jeff Passan was the first.

We will add all of the details and help explain why the value proposition for that deal.

I added a section to the Vazquez article that should explain what the Astros COULD say to make the Vazquez deal happen. I repeat that below.

What I wanted to say quickly.

With the Brewers off the board it makes one less place for Vazquez to go. The Twins offered him a deal 3 days ago. He must not like it.

In short, the Murphy trade is GOOD for the Astros. There is one less competitor in the Vazquez market. More later.

Frankly, This trade baffles me. If this trade is complete then Milwaukee COMPLETELY won and the A's made one of the worst trades EVER OR there are some HORRIBLE trade valuations on the site for these players.

Here is the Vazquez side and what the Astros should say to him TODAY.

All of this said, Vazquez COULD sign with the Astros. IF he does you should love him even more for putting his interests behind the team.

12/12/22 Update- It appears the two sides are meeting and Murphy is not an option.

THIS is what the Astros SHOULD be saying.

Jim Crane: "Christian, We know the way our team deployed your usage was not what you wanted. Dusty truly felt like it was not fair to you and to this team's chances to win the World Series to try to get you at Martin's level of knowledge of the pitching staff.

We know this has cost you money right now. We are prepared to pay you as the fifth highest paid catcher in the MLB- $13M/yr for 4 years. We want you to be happy in Houston. Dusty share your plans for the catching position in 2023."

Dusty Baker: "Christian, I plan to have you get the majority split at catcher this next season. I want you to be the primary catcher- about 75%- for all guys except Framber. Maldy keeps Framber focused, so I plan to start him about 70% of the time with Framber. I plan to spot start Maldy vs. some LHSP to keep him engaged. Both of you will also work with our young catchers- Diaz and Lee- in Spring Training and when they are on the roster. We will probably run with three catchers a lot and will have them try backing up at 1B and maybe LF too.

Overall, I will get you in there about 70% of the time. We need you Christian. You have my word."

Let me know what you think.


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