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THE MLB Pitch Clock Grand Compromise

I have a very simple compromise for those who love and those who hate the pitch clock. This compromise is rooted in the tradition of three strikes and you are out.

What If-

A team was allowed three clock violations per GAME before they face the ball or strike penalties.

I think this mitigates what I think may be a too harsh penalty for a few seconds. I believe we should separate the occasional mistake from habitual violator of pace of play.

Through the first few games there has been about one violation per game. This would, therefore, mean most games would have ZERO penalties.

Giving a team three mistakes a game will not add much time. Penalizing a team for more than three violations punishes the team with players that refuse to adapt to the time requirements.

How is this not a win-win?

Let me clear, I want the game of baseball to be played at this faster pace. Taking dead time away from this sport has been needed for a long time. Yes, there is a potential for pitchers to get hurt IF they continue to try to overthrow pitches like they have for the past decade. Let's teach our pitchers better command and less velocity.

Tell me what you think.

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Dr Lee
Dr Lee
Apr 03, 2023

Larry I'm all for this, I think it would be perfect, akin to basketball and the number of team fouls allowed before a free-throw every Non shooting foul. Great idea!

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