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The Latest Fake Media Narrative- Astros Pitching


I am here to help you deal with the constant biased coverage the Astros get in the media.

The current heading into Game 3 is the baseball experts claiming the Astros have an equivalent challenge / issue with starting pitching in the World Series.

It simply IS NOT true.

I had a conversation with one of the writers I really respect that said on a World Series podcast that the Astros did not have four starters. Essentially, he was saying the Braves have a challenge but the Astros do too. Well, Yes they have a challenge but the two are VASTLY different.

You said in the podcast that the Astros don’t have 4 starters. I’d say they have 5 and a bulk guy they have WAY more confidence in than the Braves can have past their two starters.

I would disagree on that. Greinke isn't a starter at this point--he's a 2-3 inning guy. Same with Javier. Javier's a really good 2-3 inning guy but the last time he got a 10th out in a game was in May. Are those the SPs you are talking about?

Starters (capable of 4-5 IP)

Valdez, Urquidy, Garcia, Odorizzi (proved capable when he delivered 4IP -ALCS GM2- 82 pitches)

Opener Greinke (37 pitches- ALCS GM4)

Bulk Javier (57 pitches- 3IP ALCS GM3)

All of these already HAVE done this THIS POSTSEASON,

It’s quite easy to lay out several viable pitching strategies for the Astros this series.

Honestly Odorizzi, Greinke, and Javier are 1000x more proven as postseason “starters” than what the Braves have.

Show me the Braves starters beyond Fried and Anderson. Snitker blew Smyly and probably Wright as starters by pitching them in WS GM2. Each would be lucky to get 3 IP starts.

Wright hasn’t started an MLB game since 6/24

Davidson 6/15

Smyly 8/30 (pitched 56 in 3.1 IP NLCS GM4)

The Braves on have 12 pitchers and 3 of them have less than 21 IP in the MLB this year. They have 9 pitchers they can have any idea what they will do. No one can even invent a plan for the Braves to start games for the rest of this series.

Why would anyone look at the Astros situation as being in the same planet as the Braves? They are not in the same galaxy!

The Braves are in a forrest fire. The Astros have a camp fire.

My problem is with the way people are trying to frame the teams as having equivalent challenges.

The Braves have the equivalent of

Peter Solomon (Davidson)

Josh James (Wright)

Tyler Ivey (Lee)

on their postseason roster.

Am I supposed to believe the Astros would be BETTER off with Solomon, Ivey, and James than they are with Javier, Greinke, and Odorizzi?

Come on

I will let you know if he responds. Don't count on it.

Do not fall victim to fake narratives Astros fans.

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