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The LarryTheGM Prediction Show

The official LarryTheGM Predictions!

My Official Predictions

  • Projected record- I think the Astros will beat the models and go 92-70

  • Will the Astros win the AL West- I think the Astros will win the AL West by 4-8 games

  • Postseason predictions- I still believe the Astros will lose the ALCS

  • Batting MVP- I bet on Tucker on my trip to Vegas and I am sticking with that. Alvarez will be a beast too.

  • Pitching MVP- Ryan Pressly will shine as the closer and be needed to close out many close games.

  • Surprise Player- Blanco will be a budding star in the swing starter/ long relief role. Maybe that isn't a surprise today.

  • Best Rookie- The easy pick here is of course Hunter Brown but I am going with Hensley who does a great impression of 2017 Marwin this year. Hensley will be better than anyone expects. Take that projection systems.

Predictions by Clint

  • Projected record- 87-75- starting rotation

  • Will the Astros win the AL West- Yes less than 4 games

  • Postseason predictions- Win ALCS, MAYBE even the World Series

  • Batting MVP- Tucker

  • Pitching MVP- Garcia

  • Surprise Player- Whitley- did you forget how great of a prospect he was?

  • Best Rookie- Yainer Diaz

Predictions by J- on the show

  • Projected record- 98-64

  • Will the Astros win the AL West

  • Postseason predictions

  • Batting MVP

  • Pitching MVP

  • Postseason predictions- Seattle and Houston in ALCS

  • Batting MVP- Tucker

  • Pitching MVP- Javier

  • Surprise Player-

  • Best Rookie- Brown

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