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The Impossible Astros Trade Challenge- Trading McCullers

Sometimes I think my Twitter followers love to ask me to do the impossible. Here was today's challenge.

Let's call this the Astros impossible trade challenge- trading Lance McCullers Jr. and his -44.4 trade value.

Here are my ground rules:

  1. I can add one player from the Astros to lessen the negative trade value.

  2. The players I add have to be players that COULD help the team.

  3. I can spend up to $10MM/yr AAV more than what McCullers is owed.

  4. The trade has to be fair as scored by the website.

  5. I cannot trade for injured players out for the year. That would be too easy.

  6. I will propose 3 deals- You all decide which is best.

So how does one trade away negative 40ish trade value and STILL help the team?

  1. You have to accept you are taking on salary.

  2. Be creative

  3. Hold my beer

Deal #1- Yu Darvish and Nick Martinez- Padres

Salary Traded Away- ~$18M

Salary Added- $26.7M (Darvish $108M/6 yr, Martinez $26M/3 yr)

This may sound insane, but I almost would do this deal! It will be a trainwreck in 2026+ but it might just work. Darvish eats innings and starts. Martinez gives the Astros long relief.

Deal #2- Dansby Swanson, Drew Smyly, Adbert Alzolay- Cubs

Salary Traded Away- ~$29.5M (McCullers $85M/5yr- $17M, Montero $34.5/3yr- $11.5M, Pena Pre-Arb, Whitley MiLB)

Salary Added- $35.5M (Swanson $177M/7 yr- $25.3, Smyly $19M/2 yr- $9.5, Alzolay Pre-Arb)

You will revolt hearing I am trading Pena until you learn I am getting Swanson. No financially I can't add Bellinger nor Stroman. Smyly comes in to take the SP / LR role. To make if fair the Cubs must give up their closer Alzolay. To balance the finances they get MONTERO too. Wait I just traded both McCullers AND Montero? Yes, I did. Are you holding that beer yet?

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The details are below and available at

Deal #3- Willson Contreras, Jordan Montgomery- Cardinals

Salary Traded Away- ~$18M (McCullers $85M/5yr- $17M, McCormick Pre-Arb, Whitley MiLB)

Salary Added- $27.5M (Contreras $87.5M/5 yr- $17.5M, Montgomery $10M/1 yr- $10M)

DFA- Maldonado

You knew I was going to do it in one of these deals didn't you. The Astros DUMP Maldonado after they get Contreras and Mongomery. Montgomery IS my SP trade target. Contreras time shares with Diaz and DHs some too. The downside is we have to trade Chas McCormick in this deal. BOO!

Honestly, I am stunned the deals are this good. I might even think about each of these deals. Are the Astros willing to add the AAV in each of these deals? Probably not. BUT how bad DO you want to trade McCullers?

Tell me in the comments below which deal is your favorite.

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THAT is stepping up to a challenge. I could live with 1…money gets dicey. I would be finecwith 2. No 3, notcso much.

Amazing job of creating ideas that are out of the box. Better than the foolish deals often tweeted by folks like me.


Me gusta

24 jul 2023

Love the Darvish trade

Me gusta
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