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The Astros You Don't Want Back in 2023

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Watching Jose Abreu climb out of the WAR cellar inspired me. I thought I wonder if I could make a TEAM of current and former Astros hitters that are ALL negative WAR in 2023.

I could and I did.

This would be a cautionary tale to Astros fans that opine for all of their former players. Maybe we are better off that these players at least are where they are.

The players listed in yellow are still with the team.

All Negative WAR current and former Astros

Imagine being a fan of THIS team. Everyone is having a bad year or has been injured and has limited time to prove themselves.

This team has a combined WAR of -6.0. Tampa Bay has a combined WAR of 18.0. Colorado has a combined WAR of 0.5.

As much as we complain about our batters, we could be living this nightmare.

It really should not be this easy to do for a team that has had so much success. Some of the names on this list validate the decisions the organization made to move on from them when they did.

The fact that the 2023 Astros have so many negative WAR players feels alarming for a team that thinks they could win it all. We will have to see where they end up.

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