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The Astros Dynasty Era: Who do you LOVE?

In the background I am working on the Dynasty article(s).

As part of that process and based on some really divisive Astros fan discussions, I have been thinking about one issue. Astros fans have gone through more change than is typical in a Dynasty run. At some point I will confirm if this is true.

All of that change I THINK is having a cumulative effect on some. Some of you just don't want to lose anyone else from this golden era. Anyone suggesting it might be time to move on from one of the heroes of 2017, 2018, or 2019 is classified as a hater. I KNOW this is true in my case. The guy that spends more time working on content about the Astros than you do in your full time job is somehow a hater. Make sense? You tell me.

So that led me to a journey that I had a question.

Given all of the harsh feedback I get, WHO are REALLY the players the Astros Fan Base LOVES. Some of the devotion has felt out of place quite frankly and because of it I have labeled people that model those accusing me of being a hater as cult members because that is the ONLY paradigm that makes sense to me.

So let's take a step back from the divisiveness and really ask ourselves.

WHO do we LOVE?

I am not asking who is the best Astros player but who do you love as a fan more. For super fans, this going to feel as comfortable as picking between your children if asked the same question. I have gotten a many responses on twitter but now it is your turn.

Who do you LOVE?

Please rank these in order to how much you love them as an Astros fan 1-12 Altuve












Other Cut and paste your answer in the comments section below.

I did focus this on the position players because we seem to have more angst over losing position players. I think we are comfortable that we have had some mercenaries as SP and RP we never expected to keep.

After I get a number of responses, I will explain why I am asking. Some of you all already know.

I have many responses on Twitter already but feel free to put your responses here in the comments PLEASE.

For those of accessing the site via mobile device, you may have a better experience now and also on the "Spaces by Wix" app. Let me know if this helps!

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