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The All-Time Astros All-Stars

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

On the recent "Dome Foamers" Podcast we got into the subject of the All-Time Best Astros team. Since today is the All- Star Game, it is probably appropriate to give you my list after I have dug into the numbers.

The Rules

  1. Only data from when players played FOR the Astros is considered.

  2. Players can only be slotted at the position that they played the most for with the Astros.

  3. Players must have

    1. 1500 PA

    2. 500 IP for SP and 150 IP for RP and 300 IP for LR

I ended up with 20 hitter and 20 pitchers. You can think of this as the ultimate Astros 40-man roster as well. In the tables below the players shaded in yellow have been part of the Astros dynastic run. The players shaded in gold are part of the current Astros team.

How I decided who was on the team.

  1. I pulled the Astros from 1962 to current.

  2. I then assigned a primary position to each player based on

    1. the position they started for the most AS AN ASTROS player.

    2. for the pitchers I split the positions by GS/G ratio

      1. Starters- > 60%

      2. Long Relievers 10% < GS/G < 60%

      3. Relief Pitchers < 10%

        1. Closers- are those with the most saves.

        2. Setup and middle relief- my division here was somewhat arbitrary.

  3. For the position players, I calculated a WAR/G*100 ratio and a WAR/PA*1000 ratio. These ratios were used to prioritize the pool of players to determine who were the top by position. I then added two additional utility players. You will understand why when you see the table. I did use some license to make some arbitrary choices like Biggio over Doran.

  4. For the pitchers, I calculated a WAR/IP*100 ratio. This ratio was used to prioritize the pool of players to determine who were the top by position. I did use some license to make some arbitrary choices like adding Scott and Abreu.

Enough about the process here is the Team!

The All-Time Astros Position Players

Astros All-time position players

Who surprises you on this list? It is easy to see why this is the golden era of the Astros with multiple players on this list. It is noteworthy that Alvarez has even higher ratios than Bagwell. I found it shocking that Bregman had the third highest ratio of all of the position players. His combination of hitting AND offense is rare.

The All-Time Astros Pitchers

Astros All-Time pitchers

Again, the golden era is well represented. Pressly calculates out to be the greatest Astros closer ever.

Folks, as you are watching the All-Star Game tonight, think about your All-Time Astros All-Stars.

Who do you all think is next?

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McCullers grading out higher than the 5 guys below him blows my mind. I don’t get that at all.


Jul 11, 2023

No Jose Valverde surprised me

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